Susie’s Cuisine: My Best Place for Pampango Kakanin


Looking for the best place to satisfy your cravings when you are in Pampanga?

I would highly recommend  Susie’s Cuisine. It’s already a culinary institution in the region that every time you think of kakanin, you’ll immediately think “Susie’s”.

It is no doubt the best place if you are looking for sumptuous kakanin and different Kapampangan dishes either for snack or as pasalubong to your friends and relatives who are in other places.

Let me give you a little background on how this successful business started. Susie’s Cuisine has been in the business since 1972. Anicia Ayson founded Susie’s through the motivation of her family and close friends who were fond of her cooking. And eventually got Kapampangans loved her cooking too. Today, it is now being run by her daughter Jesusa Ayson Yabut, together with her husband Glenn Yabut. With many outlets in Pampanga, Tarlac and Bataan, people can easily buy Susie’s products.

Some of their specialties and also my favorites are Pancit Luglug/Palabok, Maja Blanca o Tibok Tibok, Sapin Sapin, Rice Cake, Cassava Cake and Motche.











     Some of their delightful dishes also include pasta(baked macaroni & spaghetti), fettuccini and carbonara. Kapampangan dishes like sisig, relyeno bangus, dinuguan with puto, and many more!

    Susie’s Cuisine is definitely a must visit in Pampanga for best kakanin and pasalubong. Your Pampanga food trip is not complete if you did not taste the food and bring home some of the Susie’s Cuisine’s specialties.

Susie's Cuisine commercial

Why do people keep on coming back to Susie's Cuisine? Because even after many years have passed, the quality of their food hasn't changed – still the same high standards and consistent taste.Watch this mouthwatering commercial of #TheBestinPampangoKakanin.

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