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Through Night and Day (2018)

Story Line: Ben and Jen’s relationship is put to test as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to Jen’s lifelong dream destination – Iceland.


This movie of Alexandra is one of the movies I love . I also appreciate how Ben handle his temper and patients. Not all man can possibly do these in real life but Ben still know how to take an action for it.

The best part of the movie for me, is when Ben find out that Jen suffers from brain tumor several weeks after their trip in Iceland.

This scene become heart catchy as  they sang together “I will be here”.

A few ways on How to BE LATE – in everything

So, how to be late?! That is the question.


Snoozing our alarms for those extra 5 minutes of precious sleep. Dragging ourselves in the wee hours of the morning just to get ready for work. Rushing out our homes to our cars in order to be able to beat the traffic that seems so endless just so that we can arrive on time for school/work.

Ah..the “joy” of being early. Which sometimes feels more similar to a nightmare rather than a wonderful experience. Wouldn’t it be so great to just be able to curl up comfortably in bed without the worries of getting “late”?!

We’re always expected to turn up early on most situations, and that is a social norm. One is expected to be early at work, at school, at a doctor’s appointment, at parties even, etc. But you know what?! Life is short, so why don’t we try out something new aside from sticking to what is considered as “normal”?!

I don’t think that I’m the first person to ever make this kind of list but here are a few things (based on my own experience) on HOW TO BE LATE – in no particular order:


Sleep very late
– don’t even dare to close those eyes after 10 pm. Preferably until 3 am.
– I heard its some sort of noise you can activate that can potentially ruin your sleep. No thank you!
Breakfast and coffee
– mmm.. Who doesn’t want some complete breakfast with coffee while reading the news in the morning?
Hot baths
– because we all deserve to have one every morning.
What to wear?
gently rummage through your closet and try on pieces until satisfied. Oh and match the shoes too! Gotta look perfect!
Hair & makeup
– for the ladies and who like to make themselves purdy, take your own sweet time until you’ve perfected that wing liner and hairstyle. Nothing worse than looking like a total beast once you step out of the house.
No bus for the kids
– cancel the bus schedule for kids so you can just pick and drop them yourself.. After you’re done with your morning routines of course!
Long routes
– why take short cuts when there’s traffic? Go for the long route instead and drive at your own pace.. Traffic-free!
Organized shmorganized!
– “organize” everything the next day before you leave home.. Total waste of time to do anything of those a day before. No rush man!
– what is running even? Why is there a need to be in a hurry? Stop and smell the flowers!! YOLO!!!


So, I hope you enjoy these few ways on how to be late in almost everything and hopefully would be able to apply in your own lives. Of course this list isn’t as extensive as others but you gotta learn things on your own along the way. And if you do, share the blessing because like they say…EARLY is for the weak! 😉


(DISCLAIMER: Here’s to hoping you got the joke!)