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Your Favorite Things

Your Favorite Things

Aimer, your favorite singer

I chose Your Favorite Things as the title as it is a cornerstone of the artist in her career.

With her deep unique husky voice, her cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face reached the top in the lead album chart for the jazz category in the iTunes Store and its album reaching second. Accompanied by this big jump, her start wasn’t actually an easy one. When she was 15, she damaged her vocal chords by accident but it soon was gradually treated with Silent therapy. Then when her voice came back it was new, different and was to be obsessed with. She entered the industry with mystery – her voice, identity, and style were distinct from others and thus would give anyone an experience they would ever remember in their lives.

Anime, the way to people’s hearts

Not only did Aimer sing for the masses but also for the enthusiasts. It became a sustenance for her career as it would always be there to be an strategic point to combine her music with culture. Her continuing popularity proved its benefits.

I just want to bring up her debut song Rokutosei no Yoru (Night of the Sixth Magnitude Stars) from No.6 anime.

The song evokes good memories and expresses the sadness of a farewell, but mixed with the hope of meeting that person again.
Rokutosei refers to the stars with the apparent magnitude  of 6.
In astronomy, magnitude measures the brightness of a celestial body.
The brighter an object appears, the lower the value of its magnitude, with the brightest objects reaching negative values.
Magnitude six stars are usually the limit human naked eyes can observe. But, only in a very dark sky and in places without light pollution.
So, these nights are the darkest, but also lighten by the dimly shining stars which represent the hope that always exists.


Her songs Brave Shine and Last Stardust were some of the well known hits she made for an anime most likely to an adaptation of a game route called Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. After Aimer finished the game she made both songs and gave them to the producer, one ended up as the Opening theme and the other as an Insert song in Episode 20 of the series. She also made songs for Bleach, Gundam Unicorn, Natsume’s Book of Friends and Vinland Saga.


Her position did not only ended up being a single singer but also had collaborations and mentions from many notable people. Some of the big names Aimer worked with were  Taka (ONE OK ROCK), Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS),  TK (Ling tosite sigure) the Tokyo Ghoul OP singer, and chelly (EGOIST). All of her participation with them and other artists songs are compiled in her Daydream album. Aimer’s Kataomoi(One-sided Love) was also recommended in Twitter by Namjoon from BTS a popular K pop group giving her a well deserved attention from more people. Another plus is that she had a performance with Slovak Radio Symphony, an orchestra.


Did you know she only revealed her face in 2016? Hidden behind the angles of the spotlight during her concerts and even the cameras avoided showing her face. And guess what, she wears glasses while singing live which all the more contributed to her shy and mysterious persona.

“Because my best feature is my singing voice, I wanted people to focus only on my music without prejudice by excluding other information because nowadays you can get various kinds of information quickly.” – Aimer

Another reason we see here is that in one time,”dry” voice like an adult, and “sweet” voice like a child, that voice a “DRY & SWEET”. She really appreciates it if her voice is described in that way and it also really comes close to her 2nd cover album entitled Bitter & Sweet.

The pseudonym Aimer (エメ, pronounced eh-meh) is a French word which means “to love”. She didn’t reveal her real name but she said that she’s from Kumamoto, Japan. She sings  jazz, pop, ballads, orchestral and rock. Aimer entitled herself as singer-songwriter. Read this blog for about her position in the music industry.

Other facts? In an early age, Aimer started well with music as her father was a bassist of a band. During her elementary years she played the piano. With the inspiration from different musicians she looked up to, she made a move to learn guitar in junior high. She also writes music in English has good authority on the language because of her experiences living abroad.

With all these information, I reckon that Aimer is like a flower blooming in the desert, amongst the parched barren sands, a different beauty is secretly hidden like a gem waiting to be found and be kept again in a grandiose of collection. Truly a mystery.

We await more of her concerts because she is only in her adult ages born July 9, 1990. Here are the tickets.

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Suroy sa Misamis Oriental

Credit to Eat Bulaga Miss Millennial 2018

When we heard about Mindanao some people think negatively because of the chaos that happened at Marawi City. The Martial Law in Mindanao declared by President Rodrigo R. Duterte still ongoing and tourists and travelers afraid to visit some beautiful tourist spot of Mindanao. Well, you should not be afraid, why? because the Provinces of Mindanao has their own unique, beautiful, delicious delicacies and friendly people. Let us talk about one of the provinces in Mindanao “Misamis Oriental”

Why Misamis Oriental on your travel bucket list? Why not! Misamis Oriental has lots of tourist spots where you can choose depending on your personality and hobbies. If you love adventure Misamis Oriental has different adventure places like Water rafting at Cagayan River, Dahilayan adventure park where you can experience extreme rides and the dual longest zipline in Asia. Another new is pragliding its new in Misamis Oriental where you can experience to fly and to see the heart of the city at the top. And not to forget the new seven seas water park where you can experience extreme water slide.

Misamis Oriental, as a coastal province, is dominated by two bays to the north; the Macajalar and the Gingoog Bay.[3] The central portion of the province features several rivers originating from the highlands of Bukidnon, such as the Cagayan. And because of that many beautiful beaches, waterfalls and water springs in this province.

If we’re talking food and pasalubong Misamis Oriental has different kakanin or native food. We have sweet Bibingka (rice cake), Puto Maya, Binaki (sweet tamales) biko (sticky rice) Toasted Peanut by cheding’s and many more to say. Each town of Misamis Oriental has their own story they have their own souvenirs too. In our town which is Salay Misamis Oriental, we have Salay Handmade Paper Industries Inc. (SHAPII) they cater a different kind of souvenirs that made by their creative hands. You can visit their facebook page to see how beautiful their products are.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Explore, Experience Life is short, Philippines has 7,107 islands to visit. Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen ONCE. What are you waiting for Tara suroy nata sa Misamis Oriental!

Life As We Know It

Life is composed of winding roads, bumpy humps and thorny paths; with smooth sailing journeys dotted along the way. There are also unpleasant surprises lurking somewhere, grabbing us by the throat when we least expected it. We try to stand tall and strong against these challenges; and depending on how we go about it, could lead to inspirations, and hard-earned lessons.

Years ago, I attended a postgraduate school in the UK and part of the curriculum is financial accounting. No, it’s a prerequisite and could not really finish the course without it. Don’t get me wrong, I like numbers especially those in currencies (hey, tell me who doesn’t). I find math pretty straightforward, though it could get arduous and boring. Well, I personally think, the best way to beat math is through practice, practice and more practice.

Anyway, we’re approaching the finals then and we were given plenty of practice materials. So in between dealing with a challenging night job and other subjects, I spent hours poring over these materials; really determined to ace the exam.

After cups of cappuccino (or black tea, whenever I felt I had too much) and fitful sleeps later, exams day came. I thought, this is it. I could feel it in my gut that I would make it. I was feeling very much optimistic and excited, because really, what could go wrong?

When I saw our exam paper, I grinned inwardly and gave myself a high five. Sitting in front of me was a set of typical multiple type questions along with an essay type, which were not really a hardship. The last part was what gave me the the shivers. We have to choose between a case study where we have to interpret some data, and the other one, was a straightforward problem solving. And yes, you got it right! It was taken out (literally) from our practice materials. Well, figures were different but the solution and ways of getting to that solution  were one and the same. Of course, I chose the later. In my mind, I was rubbing my hands in glee, and promised myself a Nora Roberts latest book release at Waterstones on my day-off.

When we were all done, and taking a break before another exams, I went back to my notes and realized to my horror that I had done a teeny weeny mistake, albeit a very crucial one and integral part of the equation. I had wanted to tear my hair out and scream out my frustration. I rap my head instead on the table, berating  myself for my stupidity.

And that was how life taught me lessons – the hard way. How come we always get to learn a lesson the hard way?

ATTENTION TO DETAILS. The problem with most of us is we tend to rush things. We want to get to the end quickly, to achieve the goals we set for ourselves in the shortest time possible. And this often times lead to failure, if not unsatisfactory results. Every. Single. Time. We should not only set our eyes and focus our attention to the prize, but we must also take into consideration all the circumstances around it. After assessing all parts with due diligence, we need to discard the things that we think are not part of the solution and concentrate on the parts that will surely help us get there.

DON’T BE COMPLACENT. We live in a fickle world and there are no guarantees in life. Things are not always as perfect as they seem, and we should always be ready for any eventuality. Strive harder. Don’t settle for good, aim for the best.

DON’T DWELL ON PAST MISTAKES. Don’t let them wear you down. Rather, treat each failure as part of a learning curve and apply lessons learned on the next hussle.

Maybe you’re wondering how did I do with my grades after that fiasco. My score was a bit low and it was sticking out like a sore thumb as compared with my other subjects. But I was really thankful I did not flunk it. That’s another thing, and a positive way of looking at failures and disappointments – we compensate for them by giving our best in other areas. We could not get the best of both worlds, but we can choose how to deal with it so we can arise as victors at the end.