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Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Majority might think that the words decision and choice are the same. There is actually a difference between these two words. An article published by Forbes clearly tackles the Difference between deciding and choosing.

Part of our everyday life is to make decision and choice. The decision or choice we make will lead to either success or failure. We must carefully analyze every factor so we can come up with the best option as possible. We should always remember that distinguishing between decision and choice will make an impact in our lives no matter how small or big it is.

I still remember when I am  single all that matters to me are clothes, foods, friends, trips and my family. Being the youngest and the only daughter in our family, I always put my parents above anything else. I always make it a point that I’m present during doctor’s consultations or at least I can talk to the doctor via phone if I really can’t make it.  I love them and I have big plans for them once I become successful in my career.

There were a lot of challenges in my first career that it made me give up.  Fortunately, I was able to find a job that I like. It is something new to me and I am happy doing perhaps that’s the reason why I was able to climb up the corporate ladder. I experienced pains along the way yet I still managed to handle it because I love what I do. My bosses like me and my team adore me. Recognition given to me and the team became just a norm.

I am so relax with how well I managed my work and personal life. I am very confident that things will never change not until I became a mother.

Everything is happening perfectly to me. My life’s events are on track just the way I planned them to be;  from engagement, wedding and giving birth. I can say everything is a breeze because I have the best husband and supportive family.

Few week before I give birth, my boss asked me what will be the plan after my maternity leave. The “idealistic me” quickly answered, “we will just stay at my parent’s house and before my leave ends we will go back to the condo and look for a nanny. Sadly, it did not turn out the way I wanted it to be.

For 6 months, I worked on day shift and my husband worked on night shift. We had no helper so after work aside from taking care of my baby, I need to clean the house,wash dishes and pump milk. I breastfeed exclusively so I pump milk even during wee hours of the night because I needed to build my stash.

The set up that we had took a toll not only in our own careers but also to our health. I was always late and in a hurry. At the office, I crammed to meet deadlines. I passed the report and headed big projects without even checking if everything is correct. I am totally disappointed with my deliverable because I knew I can do better if I have ample time. In addition, my husband’s health was greatly affected too.

I resigned from my work and I became a full time house wife . It took me long to adjust to the “new me”. There was also a time that I pity myself and will do nothing but finish a whole box of  chocolate cookies in one sitting. Days passed that I will not take a bath and even brush teeth.  My self esteem and my weight decreased drastically. No one knows my predicaments except myself and I did not have plans of finding solutions for it.

One Saturday evening, while I was browsing my phone, I encountered this quote ” It is never too late to be what you might have been ” by George Eliot and I believe this paved the way for me to face reality and do something about it. I also realized that to find the real meaning of  happiness , we should start within ourselves.  Resigning from work entails a lot of consequences, it has pros and cons and it is just a matter of how you perceive things and how do you want to react on it.

I thought of the reasons why I resigned and it is all because of my loved ones. If they are happy and healthy so am I. The decision I made was carefully thought of and prayed for. It is my choice to choose them over my blooming career.

Now, I wake up with a grateful heart because I was able to do more. I never thought that giving up the corporate title will just open so many doors for me. I considered it a blessing that I was able to see things positively. Slowly, I turned my fears in to challenges, my weakness to my inspiration.

Now, I can wear different hats and give ample time for those roles without compromising the quality I would always like to deliver.

I am not a  manager now but at the end of the day I am  grateful that I am a mommy, wife, personal nurse of my father who is on dialysis, quality analyst to our family business and an entrepreneur. I might not be able to earn as much as before but the times I got to spend and help my loved ones  are truly incomparable.

It is not easy to give up work however priorities change over time and we need to weigh the pros and cons. My baby is growing fast, my husband is getting sickly and my parents need me more than ever.

How to treat your gf soon to be your wife.

How to treat your gf soon to be your wife.

How How How…



First of All your alone and single. Dreaming about your Dream Girl I guess your searching and probably with a high standard of course 101%! Most of the Boys they searching like this Including me but this is not about me. About you and them most of all me again nah! exclude me! hahaha but really Yes of Course before we got married we are expecting a mother that is beautiful, Hot, good at twerking damn! hahaha I’m bad yes I know you too I know you like this one too right?? don’t Lie please. back to the topic searching for a PERPECT WIFE.! they searching for.

Back for the searching and still single or maybe you want to be settle of because your jealous of all your friend, classmate batch mate name it even your pets already in relationship the hardest part they have already a baby.. ahh so sad and still your searching and your pressure because your already in late 30? nah! we will make it maybe going to 30 we will say around 28 maybe? I think this is the right time to get married right? or maybe because this time your still UNEMPLOYED and scared about the priorities because if you get married you will have now responsibilities and priority so its better I think to have a work rather than you get married and you are still depending on your mother and father? which is not REALLY REALLLLY ok at all!

Before you get married everything should be perfectly right? I mean you have work, house, Ferrari car, 10 atm card with 500k each card, own a company. but naah!!! not 3 of this come to my life huhuhu but I’m hoping the perseverance is there and hoping someday if I have this three hahahaha. maybe in my dream.. I got yah! ahahaha..

but seriously Bro! a house, stable work, with your wife and baby always at your side your already a billionaire.

I believe in this quotes.

“Spending time with family is more worth than every cent. You can earn money every time, but once your family left you they will never return”

YES! RIGHT! family is important than money. but without money how can you enjoy your family right?? you cannot go on vacation with them to do shopping, surprising your wife a gift of diamond ring that shining 100 miles from you. haha exagg? just joking!

That’s why  we work 8 hrs. a day 40hrs a wk. f*** this system! hahaha.. you go to work of course waking up early in the morning eating your breakfast go to work then finally a traffic to your work you get furious again hahaha and a lot of wrinkles wtf?! hahaha yes finally you arrived but your late again f** f** f*** hahaha finally the boss shouting at you why?! why? why?! why?! etc. again the last whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy is your zipper is open and the color of your brief is pink. hahaha because you are in a hurry in the morning you took your wife panty hahaha.. yah! I know this is not funny and not working at you because nah! where are we again?? haha.. ahh searching for your perfect wife.


and then you found a girl whooahh! so beautiful, with a curve and most of all the butt perfectly for twerking hahaha but your girlfriend boss sad life 🙁 nah. again you found along the street while you are in break this girl passed by and you cannot stop looking at her and you bump with this nerd lady with her eyeglasses casual attire that you bump but you didn’t care even though all of his belonging fell down you didn’t even care you bastard! because of course that girl beautiful curve body most all the butt the butt again the twerking remember?! hahaha.. and you forgot this f*ng nerd lady you didn’t care.. and then for how many months your asking your self again how when where can I find that lady. ok bro I will help you go to the club, nightclub you will find your perfect girl there.

I think its lowest percentage you will find a perfect and right wife there. With there boobie its like exploding with tight short showing nearly of there parts. really bro you want like this kind of gurl? Of course yes yes yes! haha temporarily maybe not for long time, Quickie? hahaha I will leave this to you. seriously still you want a curve body and twerking a** ? me of course! hahaha..

But No no no..

We like something that wife is taking care of you and your baby. Coming at home with a hug kiss of your lovely wife a simple I love you removing your clothes massage at you and the food is ready for you. talking to together I mean the BONDING is the important of all.  Playing with your children. And you sitting at your favorite soft cotton sofa watching your wife and children you say anything but a smile on your face you wish it should like this everyday but day by day you will get old and your children grow. it should be at the end of the day you can say your ready to die because you already satisfied here on earth and you wish you will stay together in heaven and continue your life there. This is what we called forever baby 🙂

but where is the title how to treat your wife? and the nerd lady what happen?

we will continue this if we have fans already.

btw this is really really my first time blogging and to write I don’t know what happen I just type on and on whats on my mind I’m not writer or anything but nah the twerking hahaha..

I hope you enjoy and sorry for my English. I hope you got it what I wrote here I knows its not good

but bro please this is my first I deserved something on this just like I’m happy with that.

1 like = 1 prayer..