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What’s your Art Process?

The art process, the thing that sets us apart from one another in the art community. We each have our own unique ways of achieving our goals. In this case, an artwork, a masterpiece, or even just a random sketch. Oftentimes, we easily find an effective process, that yields consistent results. We all crave for that “perfect” art process, that we can use throughout our art career.
A sample art process by Rene Gorecki
Example art process of “Collar” by Rene Gorecki
As a self-taught digital artist with no formal training, I have to change my process from time to time. I tell you, it’s not something you discover immediately, In fact, my current approach is not yet very efficient. In this post, I’ll talk about the evolution of my style.

Lineart to Base Color art process

Like a lot of artists, my inspiration came from anime and cartoons. I also never used coloring materials after a couple of years.  As a result, it was easier for me to do the lineart to the base color technique.
A sample process by RandomEpicAlex from DeviantArt
Example art process by RandomEpicAlex
However, this style gave me a lot of problems. I often end up with 10+ layers, (I use Photoshop CC btw.) that end up lagging my computer. So after studying other artists’ works, I decided that this was not for me.

The “Painterly” process

There was a short period, where I tried the “painterly” approach. This meant, that I had to use lineart to a minimum, and focus on blotting the colors as soon as possible.
My "painterly" process
‘No Lineart Photo Study” by Astralberry (Me)
Though faster to do, I found myself struggling to create livelier artworks with this technique. I guess I didn’t have enough watercolor experience to pull this off.

The Mixed style process

I realized that I needed lineart to help me create more anatomically correct pieces. So I combined the two techniques.
A mixed painterly art process by me
‘The Aviator’ by Astralberry (me)
Finally, I am getting more efficient. This remained my style for a while. However, after a few months, I realized that I was struggling with colors and values. I also had issues with the backgrounds and overall mood of my works.

The Grayscale Approach

To fix this problem. I started my paintings in grayscale. This helped me establish my values from the start. It also made it easier for me to fix the image’s anatomy, and shape earlier. As well as play with many color variations. I was beginning to have fun! (I wasn’t able to save the lineart for this piece.)
Grayscale approach by me
“Lights, a Study” by Astralberry (me)
This is my technique to date. Though, like everything else, There are still issues with it. I find that it’s too time-consuming. Because I’d have to paint the image three times! (grayscale > colored > final retouches) The third time, because of the common problem with the grayscale approach; Upon adding color, it would always appear muddy. A lot of retouching would need to be done, to counter this.
One of my latest artworks
“Autumn Summer” by Astralberry
In Conclusion, we just have to learn how to be patient with our craft. It takes a lot of time to build the “perfect” technique. Make a lot of drafts. Learn from the pros, by asking them, or watching their videos, etc. You can check out this link for some awesome techniques. How about you, what is your current art process?

The VAbootcamp: Point of View

Cash at your disposal that is close to twenty thousand pesos deserves a considerable amount of thought. You may decide to spend it on a travel package or a new gadget. Or treat yourself to a pair of branded shoes or bag.  You can choose to save it in the bank or use it for something that will give you a great return on investment. No matter how you want to spend it, the choice is still yours to make.

Spending money in training courses like the Virtual Assistant Boot Camp gives you a high return on investment. The benefits of gaining expertise and improving self-worth outweigh every penny you spend in the program. Rather than buying things that go out of date, enrolling in the VA Boot camp is a good call. It is the best place to start learning “Work from Home” skills and building a career in online jobs.

Holistic Training

The training is holistic in its approach. It focuses not only on teaching essential skills but also nurturing a positive attitude in students. Trainees learn how to thrive in global freelancing platforms. It empowers graduate to be world class. Not to mention that a graduate from the course is one step ahead in getting online job offers.

Concise Lecture

Lectures in a video format are concise and easy to learn. Assignments are challenging. Quizzes at the end of each module are mind-boggling but rewarding. For one thing, student passing the quiz receives the colorful Credly badge.

Online Professional Networking

Students get exclusive membership in “Virtual Bootcamp Members” and “Flip”  These are FB Groups which are useful for members to make new connections and to stay in touch.

Online Freelancing Roadmap

The training is a Roadmap in itself.  Students undergo a series of steps starting from learning relevant skills all throughout job hunting, accepting and maintaining clients.

Budget Friendly

The cost of training is budget friendly. You can either pay in full or in installments. Payment channel is so flexible because you can pay either through credit cards, bank deposits, Western Unions and a lot more.

Home to Members

Above all, it is home for members that are treated as families. You are not on your own because it has a well-developed support system. Students feel a high level of comfort because coaches are everywhere to give guidance. Queries are answered and addressed in no time. And the best part is, you learn at your own pace, at your own time and in the comforts of your own home.

Final Thoughts

Fire up your career in Online Freelancing.  Join the training that will give you the edge over other Freelancers. Be a VA Bootcamper!


My Freelancing Journey

The idea of working from home, is a dream of every stay at home mom like me, well, every mother I may say. Just imagining that you can still look after your kids, do house chores and still earn money while staying at home, is a big blessing that you can have.

Back in 2011, I encountered a website that offers tips and guides on how to work from home, although, I paid for the membership, it didn’t materialize since I cannot find any support on how to really start on freelancing. I heard also before about Odesk, and someone is working from that platform , I always said “oh I want to become like that too”, but due to so many reasons, excuses I may say, I don’t have the courage on pursuing this so called freelancing.

I was a stay at home mom for almost 11 years now, so finding job in a corporate world is not really easy because of the gap that I didn’t work that long. There are so many new technologies that is being used and I find it so intimidating. Another reason is, I am not that young so maybe I may not be hired because of my age, plus I have to look after my kids and manage the house as well.

Not until January 2019, I googled about Virtual Assistant and find the site of Mr. Jayson Dulay. Its a 5 day lesson on how to become a virtual assistant, so I got curios and one thing is, its FREE, so I signed up and viola! I received an email right away with a video on it, I didn’t finish the 5 day lesson, and got curios about the VABootcamp. With the help of Almighty God, I got the courage to enrolled for it on January 8,2019. I was overwhelmed at first on what lesson should I start first. Every module is so interesting. It’s really a step by step on how you can become a better Virtual Assistant. 

There’s a lot of webinars that you can watch, an FB support group that every day gives you motivation, a Slack group that you can post questions if you have struggles on lesson that you are taking. Even learned new tools that the active VA are using. There’s a lot in store really, you should have a lot of space on learning new things.

Fast forward, I finished my VABootcamp online course at the end of January. My goal now is to get my Upwork profile approved and hopefully got hired sooner.

Oh and One More thing…..The support that you can get from the coaches of VABootcamp is priceless, More Power and God Bless Us All…..

Freelancing: The Opportunities and Freedom of Working from Home

Freelancing: The Opportunities and Freedom of Working from Home

We all need to work hard to fulfill our needs, for our family, to make our lives better, and to live a comfortable life.

A lot of people nowadays are working in companies, be it a small, or a big one.

But does your work really makes your life comfortable, provides enough for your family, and makes you happy?

The Struggles from your Normal Work

A lot of people are struggling on a daily commute just to go to their work. Some of them suffer from a toxic working environment – draining their energy, determination, emotion, and their life. 

Hard work is never enough to fulfill your needs, you are even losing your quality time for your family as you are spending it all for your work.

Well, that problem isn’t just a fantasy, it is real, and it even compromises your happy living. 

A lot of studies prove that corporate jobs are getting worse. Especially during your daily commutes, as you are spending a lot of time into a stressful, long, and problematic traffic.

Your productivity is also limited because of your toxic working environments such as corporate rules, co-workers, your boss, and even your own job responsibility. 

In such cases, your freedom is limited. You can’t always choose what you want to work with, you can’t set your own schedule, and you can’t always do what you want to.

The Freedom of Freelancing

This is what FREELANCING has that your normal job doesn’t offer.

You can have your freedom while working in the comfort of your home. FREELANCING offer a lot of advantages, and it is a great choice if you feel burdened from your regular work.

As I have mentioned earlier, FREELANCING has a lot of ADVANTAGES, so we are only going to mention a few…

  • The flexibility of your Work – Yes, you have read that right, FREELANCING offers high flexibility in your work. You choose your own schedule, you choose your own workload, and you choose what you want to work with. This is a perfect work for full-time moms spending a lot of time for their children, for you who want to work with your own rules, and for everyone who seeks working flexibility.
  • Income Control – Controlling your own income is possible, you pay what you worked for, and the possibilities aren’t limited.
  •  New Skills – You can also have a chance to learn new skills that will enhance your career. You can even earn while learning them.
  •  No Commute – It is the dream of workers; to avoid the stressful commutes. Of course, given that you will work from the comfort of your home, the commute will never be your problem. Your time that supposed to be spent on traveling will now become the time for you to rest and bond with your family.

This article will become a book if we are going to talk about all the benefits of working from home. 

By now, you might be wondering how you can start working from the comfort of your home. 

Well, I’ll make it easy for you, check out this link to learn the vital steps to START YOUR FREELANCING CAREER now.

Freelancing for Filipino Millennials: The best choice

Working in a corporate world requires one’s eight hours devotion of his day to his job. But even that 8-hour devotion is prone to a series of compromise
Photo credit to Inlea

Working in a corporate world requires one’s eight hours devotion of his day to his job. But even that 8-hour devotion is prone to a series of compromise because, at times, you need to stay a little bit longer to do more for the company. Though you’re being paid for this over time, however, your time for your family bonding or personal get together with your friends out goes off. And the fact that you are in the Philippines and there’s about 90% chance that you’re in Metro Manila, the work-related stress rises up to the brim because of the crazy-heavy traffic. These make you feel exhausted all the time. So when you get home, you just simply find a cozy place to recharge yourself for another day; hence no family bonding after work at all.

Although, working is a must for survival—this often forces us to go to the crowded cities and do something for a living—because, how are you going to survive if you don’t have something to stuff inside your stomach, after all?

I might sound unfair if I don’t tell positive benefits from working in the corporate world. There are government-imposed benefits for workers which employers are required to comply with, but these are all possible when workers do their share on the expenses to be paid for these benefits; we are not exempted from getting involved in this. There may be some incentives that employees receive from their employers as their bonus. But not the entire workforce experience the same, it’s only a privilege that companies give to their workers. So, if you belong to a company that dispenses bonuses, hey, dude, you’re lucky!

Moms and Dads who hate leaving their kids and family for work or call center agents who hate their unbalanced work-to-family and friends schedules, usually venture into the freelance world to fill up this gap while they earn at the same time. These are the most used perks that we often hear or read from the work-from-home encouragement posts. There’s actually more to that. You can have the government imposed benefits (SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philhealth) as well–only that you need to work them out yourself. Freelancing benefits come with a plus. This plus lets you experience a shower of crispy bills either in pesos or in dollars and a storm of countless opportunities for learning new skills and many different things. Meeting with foreigners around the world and working with them almost every day, you won’t need to go abroad to make that little childhood dream come. These are what make freelance world way, way more exciting.

To be honest, you can learn a lot from your job through work-related and sometimes personal development training and seminars which your company could sponsor you with or perhaps you fund them yourself because your company is very generous to the highest level. Hats off to that, but such opportunities are confined in the box of your career and personal development towards your job. And the big problem here is that your job stays at your company all the time, they cannot go out. Therefore when training happens and the luck seems unkind to you that instance then you’ll end up recalling what happened in your work while you’re out. Freelancing offers you more than that. You can have as much enhancement and development training seminars as you like anytime, anywhere while working because your job stays with you almost all the time. As long as you have the internet and laptop with you, you’re always good to go.

Freelancing is especially suitable for the ones who have travel goals with their friends and loved ones anywhere either around the Philippines or abroad. It makes even more exciting and intense when you do it with the one who makes their day complete and special. You can definitely do it while working. And if intimate love is not your thing because you would rather die for the nation than for Juliet but doesn’t want to enter into politics, then volunteering to organizations with advocacies and causes that promote development, welfare, and progress while freelancing is the wisest choice ever for you. These are all possible because, at the end of the day, in the freelance world, you have your own time, YOU CONTROL YOUR TIME!

Don’t get me wrong, all that I mentioned above will only become the best if you have the passion, the purpose, and the capacity of doing multi-tasks at once. Because, in the long run, it is with the environment-driven ability of one to pursue dreams where heroes conquer everything.

5 reasons why Freelancing is the best option for stay-at-home moms or dads

Let’s admit it, sometimes, full-time parenting brings us homesickness and make us feel we are less important. We don’t contribute to the family financially because we don’t work and just stay at home for a lot of chores.

In this blog, we will look at the reasons how Freelancing is the best option for you to alleviate this common feeling of Stay-at-home moms.

According to FORTUNE.com, parents make up the largest generational groups of freelancers.

The fact that parents are hands-on with their kids, the obvious Number 1 reason they do Freelancing is:

1. Flexibility

You get to control your workload at home and bond with your kids at the same time. How awesome is that? Right! We know that Stay-at-home moms (SAHM) juggle a lot of chores–from diapers, to cooking dishes, watching kids, etc–which makes it a real struggle to work a full time 9-5 day job.

Good thing, freelance jobs are in the rise nowadays. And a lot of moms are considering it due to the flexibility it offers.

By freelancing, you can opt to work full-time as you multi-task with your mother duties.

Or you can opt to work part-time too.

Let’s say, after sending your kids to school, instead of just waiting until they get home from school, you can spend the rest of your time productively doing some writing jobs or marketing freelance jobs instead of just binge watching TV series or playing app games on your phones.

Freelancing is so flexible in a lot of aspects. You get to choose what type of job you want that matches your skills and availability. It doesn’t restrict you like a typical 9-5 jobs do.

Some moms that I know prefer to work as a freelance data entry encoder, internet researcher and article writer, as these types of jobs is so easy for them to work on in their spare time.

They usually work at nights when kids are all asleep or when kids are at school. So in the day, they make sure that their kids’ needs were met and that they spend quality bonding with them. Read here to see available Freelance jobs.

2. Enjoy being your own boss

Another awesome thing about this is that you work at your own phase because you are the boss. You can pause and resume work again after you have pickup your kids from school or finish your other chores.

You control your schedul

e and can finish any project in any time you are available. You may want to take a mini vacation or spend some bonding time with your family. Just as

long as you finish whatever project you have committed with your client.

Imagine being in front of your laptop in a resort while watching your kids playing in the sand. Isn’t it the best of both worlds? —working in your phase, earning, and most specially being with your family.

By being your own boss, you also control how much work you want for the week. So let’s say if you want more extra income, then you’d certainly work more hours.

Like a friend I know, every time she wants a new phone or any gadget, she would commit herself to a certain project and just 1 week later, voila! She has a new gadget! So basically, most of your income goals and targeting actually depends

 on you because you are the boss.

You can’t do this if you work from 9-5 job! There are a lot of jobs that pay incredibly well. Read more available freelance jobs here.

3. Freelancing is so easy to get started. It doesn’t require much investment

A misconception of a lot of people is that freelance is only for those who have technical skills. Actually, anyone can be a freelancer as long you have the determination.

It’s not only for tech-savvy people. Having a skill is enough to get started. And I don’t know any person who doesn’t have a single skill. May it be in customer service, writing, editing, sales, marketing, etc. We all have our own skills or knowledge we can share. It may not be tech-related, but sure you have a skill that a client looks for. You may not just have fully discovered it yet or used that knowledge/talent. Read here to see more basic skills for freelance starters.  

Freelancing is so simple that you don’t even need that much to get started. Actually, you may have everything that it takes –just a laptop, a good internet connection and the ability to communicate with your clients. It may sound too good to be true, but hey that’s all you really be needing. In my latest blog, I discussed step-by-steps on how to get started. Read more about it here.

4. You will earn while keeping your minds sharp

Most of the stay-at-home parents just wait until their kids get home from school. And while waiting, they just binge watch their favorite TV series, and at the end of the day if you come to realize, it doesn’t give them productive output. You can just imagine how much time you just wasted just sitting in your couch watching dramas.

In freelancing, never you’ll feel that your time is wasted. In fact, you’d be smarter from learning various skills and at the same time getting paid for your time or the project you accomplished.

It’s a win-win situation because aside from earning money, you just earned another skill that you can leverage and use for another client. And this is how smart freelancer thinks and work their ways up.

Freelance salary depends on a specific skill set you have. Some clients pay per project completion and some pay per working hours. Read here to see how much freelancers make.

Working various freelance jobs actually make your salary go higher. The more you become expert in your skills, the more salary you can demand for a client.

So the next time you wait for your kids from school, better invest your time wisely working in freelancing and grow your skills.

Remember we are doing this for our family and kids. As our kids grow, we also want our brains to be sharp to keep healthy. Doctors say that a well-used brain lessens the risk of illness in the future. And freelancing does a lot of health-related benefits to keep our brains active.

5. Finally, gain high quality of life and be more productive

Being a freelancer gives you a lot of opportunities to better your quality of life. You’ll get to beat homesickness and be productive. Having more quality bonding time with your family and earn at the same time will eventually lead to a HAPPIER you.

What I like about freelancing is that it challenges you each day.

I encourage and challenge you to explore freelance and experience the benefits yourself. For a start, you can just try part-time just to test the water.

If you have no idea yet what skills you can showcase, Read this article. It will be helpful for you determine the possible freelance job you can try.

Let me know what your thoughts or if you have any questions. Just leave them in the comment box below.