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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

You may have researched all of the diet plans there are so that you could shed that extra pound off. But how about those lovely pizzas and ice creams that you are so craving for? Worry no more because now you should consider why intermittent fasting has the most benefits you should reap! Read on to learn more.

No cutting of calories.

Finally, you could eat without worries! With intermittent fasting, you no longer have to skip a meal. Because it relies only on time, you only restrict your diet for a certain number of hours a day. Just make sure it involves those healthy foods.

It’s Flexible.

Do what suits you best. You could choose and experiment what works best for you because what works for someone else might not work for everybody else. The most common method is the 16:8 method where you don’t eat for 16 hours and you could eat for 8 hours, so you could choose whatever time of the day you want it to be.

Great health benefits.

Intermittent fasting can have great effects on the body. Some of which are but are not limited to:

Enhances cognitive function

Intermittent fasting protects your brain by enhancing cognitive function and promoting better memory retrieval.

Reduces risk of chronic diseases such as


Intermittent fasting helps to significantly reduce blood sugar levels which reduce risks of diabetes.

Heart disease

Fasting increases good HDL cholesterol and decreases both bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels which influence several components of heart health.

Reduces overeating

Leptin levels (which are responsible for feeling full) are significantly lower at night during fasting which results in significantly decreased feelings of hunger.

Decreases inflammation and free radical damage

Intermittent fasting is found to have significant effects in decreasing markers of inflammation.

Promotes weight loss

Intermittent fasting increases your energy by burning stored fat, which promotes weight loss but retains muscle mass and strength.


And most importantly, it works.

Committing into intermittent fasting has shown promising effects to a lot of people – that’s why it became a phenomenon. You could be able to stick to it in years’ time because it is something worthwhile, as long as you do it properly. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and enjoy the perks.


Toddler using ipad , read what experts say.

Toddler using ipad , read what experts say.

While waiting for a queue in a movie house, I saw a kid  asking her mom to be carried. The toddler was given an ipad to distract herself.  Can you relate to this scenario?

The new threat to a toddler

Being a  teacher, I have often had my share of experiences with technology . I’ve seen its perks as a tool for educating children.
Parents and even extended family members have also enjoyed its benefits. It has been most useful especially in making a child stop crying. Gone were the days when the parents would limit their kids to video games and watching TV for a long time because it’s unhealthy.  A new threat has already come and that is- the use of ipads and tablets for soothing kids.
As my sisters and I we were chatting and enjoying Korean chicken, I mentioned this scenario to them .One of my sister’s jaw drop, another had a scornful look on her face. Both shook their head and agreed that it wasn’t a healthy thing to have especially with kids. They couldn’t explain why.They just agreed to the  thought it was unhealthy. Suspicious that the shaking of head and the scornful look was just the effect of  too much spicy chicken, I also opted to have a further read on it. As I read article upon article, I’ve come to gather these ideas.

1.The parent-baby bond

Self-soothe or self-settle is a development stage for a child to organically  learn self-regulation of emotions with the help of parents. Say, you are kid who fell asleep from watching a cartoon with your favorite toy at hand.You suddenly wake up from sleeping. Your toy ipad is gone. It’s dark. No one around was there to comfort you. Such a scary thought isn’t it? Imagine another scenario. You  wake up but realize that mommy or daddy is not around because you saw them leave the room just after you were kissed , said good night to and tightly tucked to bed. You then go back to sleep.Which scenario do you think showed a more bonded relationship between the parent and the child?

2. Playtime

Displacing play over watching videos make someone sluggish and disoriented. Playing actually helps in a lot  of aspects on a kid’s life. Psychologist Sue Palmer mentions creativity, adaptability, curiosity, problem-solving, self-confidence and resilience are only some examples of the benefits of playing real  outdoor games with friends, family or classmate. Susan Greenfield, a neuro scientist, says that we can’t just leave the kids in front of the screens and expect them to develop a long attention span.

3. Focus is better than hocus pocus.

There have been studies linking deteriorated mental ability and health to excessive use of screentime.  Kids under four years  in UK participated in this study . It showed that too much virtual activity  leads to less contact to reality. Also, it disorients one view of reality(this is the hocus pocus) . Think of a child’s brain like a blank sheet of paper.What the child experiences from the 5 senses are drawn on this paper. What happens if reality was not established  at the initial stages of a child’s development?

4.Even Steve Jobs did not let his kids gadgets.

Need I say more?
Watch this video about what experts recommend:
So, drop the gadget for your toddler. He or she should experience things  first hand.Make your baby play and interact with other living beings. Bond. No screen time under three years of age.