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How To Deal With Anxiety Disorder

Do you know what an anxiety disorder is? or maybe you know someone who suffers from this? I bet you’ve heard it already but in case you’re not familiar with it yet, let me give you a brief definition of it.

According to an article from the National Institute of Mental Health, “Occasional anxiety is an expected part of life. But Anxiety disorder involves more than worry or fear. Anxiety does not go and can get worse over time.

There are actually lots of different types of anxiety. Let me name five of the major types of anxiety disorders. We have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder).

I know so many people in this world are suffering from anxiety disorder and everyone has their own triggers.

Now, how can you cope with an anxiety disorder?

Okay, a little bit of a disclaimer first:

I am no expert on this matter. I don’t hold any certificate or whatsoever. The advice that I’m going to give you comes from my heart as I also not exempted by this disorder.

The first advice is, talk to someone.

Opening up about the struggles that you have in yourself is not always easy, I know that for sure. But before you tell someone about your anxiety, qualify them first, cause if you just tell random people about it, chances are, they won’t take you seriously and it’s a hard reality. I personally think that a person who suffers from anxiety disorder doesn’t always need to have an adviser but a listener. I hope you can find that someone/thing that you can vent to. It may be in a family member, friends, your pet or your plant.

Secondly, as cliche as it may sound, Love Yourself.

How? Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Do some exercises from time to time Like Zumba, yoga, martial arts, etc. or go on adventures like going on road trips, go to the beach, go to green parks so you can breathe fresh air. I mean we all have different ways of loving ourselves. Also, you have to learn to be unbothered by toxic people. You know, sometimes in our life, we need to let go of toxic people to get successful. Just mind your own business cause it’ll give you so much happiness.

The third advice I can give is to seek professional help. If you feel like you really need it, just do it. Mental health professionals can help you. It’s a process you have to trust. A therapist can help you a lot. Although seeing a therapist can be anxiety-inducing on its own, but it’s worth it.

There are plenty of answers you can find online about how to deal with anxiety, how to be less stressed out about things and etc. But this last advice I can give to anyone who’s reading this is to put God in the center of your life. Sometimes when a person with an anxiety disorder feels lost and at his/her lowest, tends to forget God and I’m even guilty about this. Just call his name and pray to him. “Cast your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7. Always remember that in everything we do, God is always with us. He is just guiding us. Just let go of the worries and let God.

Freelancing for Filipino Millennials: The best choice

Working in a corporate world requires one’s eight hours devotion of his day to his job. But even that 8-hour devotion is prone to a series of compromise
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Working in a corporate world requires one’s eight hours devotion of his day to his job. But even that 8-hour devotion is prone to a series of compromise because, at times, you need to stay a little bit longer to do more for the company. Though you’re being paid for this over time, however, your time for your family bonding or personal get together with your friends out goes off. And the fact that you are in the Philippines and there’s about 90% chance that you’re in Metro Manila, the work-related stress rises up to the brim because of the crazy-heavy traffic. These make you feel exhausted all the time. So when you get home, you just simply find a cozy place to recharge yourself for another day; hence no family bonding after work at all.

Although, working is a must for survival—this often forces us to go to the crowded cities and do something for a living—because, how are you going to survive if you don’t have something to stuff inside your stomach, after all?

I might sound unfair if I don’t tell positive benefits from working in the corporate world. There are government-imposed benefits for workers which employers are required to comply with, but these are all possible when workers do their share on the expenses to be paid for these benefits; we are not exempted from getting involved in this. There may be some incentives that employees receive from their employers as their bonus. But not the entire workforce experience the same, it’s only a privilege that companies give to their workers. So, if you belong to a company that dispenses bonuses, hey, dude, you’re lucky!

Moms and Dads who hate leaving their kids and family for work or call center agents who hate their unbalanced work-to-family and friends schedules, usually venture into the freelance world to fill up this gap while they earn at the same time. These are the most used perks that we often hear or read from the work-from-home encouragement posts. There’s actually more to that. You can have the government imposed benefits (SSS, Pag-ibig, and Philhealth) as well–only that you need to work them out yourself. Freelancing benefits come with a plus. This plus lets you experience a shower of crispy bills either in pesos or in dollars and a storm of countless opportunities for learning new skills and many different things. Meeting with foreigners around the world and working with them almost every day, you won’t need to go abroad to make that little childhood dream come. These are what make freelance world way, way more exciting.

To be honest, you can learn a lot from your job through work-related and sometimes personal development training and seminars which your company could sponsor you with or perhaps you fund them yourself because your company is very generous to the highest level. Hats off to that, but such opportunities are confined in the box of your career and personal development towards your job. And the big problem here is that your job stays at your company all the time, they cannot go out. Therefore when training happens and the luck seems unkind to you that instance then you’ll end up recalling what happened in your work while you’re out. Freelancing offers you more than that. You can have as much enhancement and development training seminars as you like anytime, anywhere while working because your job stays with you almost all the time. As long as you have the internet and laptop with you, you’re always good to go.

Freelancing is especially suitable for the ones who have travel goals with their friends and loved ones anywhere either around the Philippines or abroad. It makes even more exciting and intense when you do it with the one who makes their day complete and special. You can definitely do it while working. And if intimate love is not your thing because you would rather die for the nation than for Juliet but doesn’t want to enter into politics, then volunteering to organizations with advocacies and causes that promote development, welfare, and progress while freelancing is the wisest choice ever for you. These are all possible because, at the end of the day, in the freelance world, you have your own time, YOU CONTROL YOUR TIME!

Don’t get me wrong, all that I mentioned above will only become the best if you have the passion, the purpose, and the capacity of doing multi-tasks at once. Because, in the long run, it is with the environment-driven ability of one to pursue dreams where heroes conquer everything.

How Jogging and joining Marathon improves lives.

How Jogging and joining Marathon improves lives.


Pursuing success is something of a life goal. Have you ever wondered what your life would be if your unhealthy? You became unproductive and your prospective in life is bleak? your beginning to doubt your capability and your sense of success is starting to wither and gone? Well I have a suggestion for you.

My Suggestion!

Yes! A suggestion for good health and no! this is not something that you have to spend your hard-earned money. Anyway, this is MARATHON, yes this is it. The activity that all people usually do where ever they go Jogging, running and walking. This is the simplest exercise a person could do.

The Benefits?

Now its benefit’s its full of fun, family friendly and healthy. check it down below! and now you’ll be more happy, disciplined and responsive, wouldn’t you like that, and there’s no cons in it.

The first one is easy!

  • First, you can always wear clothing that suits you best. special things not required.
  • Second, anywhere anytime, fancy gym to run? No! public park is your friend, you can use it as your own ground.
  • Third, you and your family, friends or your pet can do this too. Now it can be a family bonding, how sweet.
  • Fourth, there are competitions, you can join these with your family and friends (and get rewards too).
  • Fifth, it will teach more of self discipline and your physique will be more responsive.

Oh No! I can do this!

Don’t get swayed by negative people. They don’t know, Its your accomplishment and not them, you deserve this, don’t be discourage by what they say. And if someone outrun you, remember, you’ll get there with constant training and healthy lifestyle. It takes time

Its never to late to be healthy, that you can pursue more in life.

Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn