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A day in Mt. Maarat

A day in Mt. Maarat with my siblings and their family

Mt. Maarat is located in San Mateo, Rizal within the west border of Quezon City and south borders of Antipolo and Marikina City while on the northern side is the province of Rizal and Pasig City, Manila and Bulacan Province are in the east border.


To conquer this mountain, you have to go for a steep uphill ride with approximately 5-kilometer distance from the foot of the mountain which makes an extreme challenge for bikers in neighboring cities such as Metro Manila, Marikina, and Rizal.

Trekking all the way to the summit of Mt. Maarat is a very challenging task, especially for heavy build person like me but it’s a great opportunity to test your endurance. However, it’s a rewarding experience as you glimpse the breathtaking panoramic view of Metro Manila while being surrounded by lush green trees and fresh mountain breeze.

While enjoying the overlooking panoramic view from the top of the mountain, nature embraces you with the sound of silence and a perfect opportunity recuperates your body and mind from stress.

Although we took a ride with private car from the foot of the mountain so that trekking the summit will be less effort to us as we consider the safety of our kids who come along with us. This one of a kind endurance challenge is one of the most memorable experience for us.


Masskara Festival , Bacolod city


Bacolod city has been chosen as Top Philippine Model City by The Manila Times . “The Philippine Model Cities” search for the most livable urban centers in the country.  Home of famous Masskara Festival , which is held every year in the month of October.

It’s a three week celebration and one of the highlight of the event is the  street dancing competition. A huge number of foreign and local visitors join the celebration of Masskara festival every year. During the street dance parade . The main street of the city has transformed into a huge outdoor stage. Participants  wear colorful costumes and attractive smiling mask. Displaying dance routine with a story to tell behind their energetic moves .With festive moods and colorful ambiance brought by the street dancers. Certainly it will make you sway even more.

While visiting Bacolod city  , aside from the entertaining smiling mask dancers. You will also enjoy the variety of foods and delicacies of Bacolenos  . Visitors usually crave for the famous Bacolod’s  Inasal. You have option whether pork or chicken, but both are a must try.

Oops! Remember, the fun does not end when night time comes. Hence, It has just started. With the live bands set up in several areas of the main streets . All along the pedestrian streets you will find a lot of foods and drinks. Also from the variety of restaurants serving signature dishes of Bacolodnon’s , you will never get hungry.

The electric Masskara dance parade is even more entertaining. A smiling mask costumes flickering and glowing . In different colors and shapes of cool lighting . So with their props and floats .What a party!! The main street has turned into a huge beer garden . With delicious smells coming from inasal grilling along the streets. It’s quite fun, Yeah!