Tara sa magayonon na Camarines Sur

Welcome to the province of Camarines Sur

The capital of Camarines Sur is Pili there are disputed etymologies, either it came from the Bicol Region’s Pili tree that produces fruit a Pili nut which is one of delightful delicacies of Bicol with a scientific name (Canarium ovatum) The other source of history name Pili derived from the Bicol word “pili” or “to choose”. Even though Pili is the capital of bicol region Naga is the heart of bicol region and the business center. Naga was the former capital during
the Spanish colony.

Camarines Sur has seven languages:

  • Albay Bikol language
  • Central Bikol
  • Inagta Partido language
  • Manide language
  • Mount Iraya Agta language
  • Mount Iriga Agta language
  • Rinconada Bikol language
For reference of the above languages click here

As many people’s advice to have a vacation serves many benefits to us not only for our health we can absorb and imbibe fresh perspectives through natures and cultures.

Here are the list of Beautiful tourist destination in Camarines Sur

  • CamSur Water Sports Complex
  • Consocep Mountain Resort
  • Mount Isarog National Park
  • Itbog Twin Falls
  • Hacienda De Naga Resort
  • The Caramoan Island

CamSur Watersports Complex
Location: Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
It offers wake boarding, water skiing, water skating and more for those people that loved extreme sports.

Consocep Mountain Resort
Location: Consocep, Naga City
Operation Hours: Dependent on tour joined
What You Need to Know: It isn’t advisable to bring small children as the trek were quite long. Also, make sure to bring water and insect repellent for the trek.

Mt. Isarog National Park
Location: Panicuason, Naga City, Camarines Sur
Operation Hours: Dependent on tour joined

What You Need to Know: Your fees are inclusive of a round-trip land transportation from Naga City to Mt. Isarog. Also all permits, entrance fees, facilitators, canyoning equipment, souvenir scarf, and certificates are included as well.

Itbog Twin Falls
Location: Barangay Sta. Cruz, Buhi
Operation Hours: Dependent on tour joined
Fees: Dependent on tour joined
What You Need to Know: You can have a picnic at the falls as long as you clean after yourselves. Make sure to be prepared to take a hike as that is the only way you will reach the falls.


Haciendas De Naga Resort
Location: Nursery Road, Naga, Camarines Sur
Operation Hours: Resort is open 24 hours daily

What You Need to Know: There are a lot of activities to do so it is advisable to keep an open itinerary. They have hotel villas and cabanas to rent out but rates do go higher on weekends, holidays, and peak season

The Caramoan Islands
Location: Caramoan Islands
Operation Hours: Boat rides are hourly from 7AM to 11AM
What You Need to Know: Island and beach hopping is the most popular activity next to spelunking, snorkeling, swimming, and camping. There is also the Mt. Caglago trek where you can get a 360 view of the islands.

Uhhh! don’t forget a Pili nut pasalubong…

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