That burger I personally craved!


One Sunday afternoon when we, ( my husband and I) decided to eat in one of the famous fast food restaurant here in Cebu. This restaurant is very accessible and convenient since anybody can eat here, foods are cheap and staffs are well-trained and very accommodating. Me, starving didn’t waste time to take my first bite of cheese burger, my ultimate favorite. Since then I really had a great time eating cheese burger at this restaurant. Not until that day that I realized that it’s not the tasty burger I’ve ever liked before. In my dismay I asked my husband why it taste a bit salty this time. He just say maybe because I am pregnant. Yes, I am 4 months pregnant at that time.

My taste buds are unusual, it’s different. I craved for it the whole time yet I feel disappointed when I finally taste it. I am sure pregnant women feels. After that afternoon I really swear that I am not gonna eat that burger again. Sounds funny because I really take that seriously and I blame it on my unbalance hormones at that point in time.

Until one day, hubby came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested to go back to the restaurant where we once dine together with my cousin a year ago. I really had food cravings so without further ado, I agreed thinking sooner the better. A day after, we decided to go in that restaurant. We ordered chicken burger with a healthy drinks made of avocado and cucumber lemon. The chicken burger were perfect with potato fries in it’s side. There are many other options of sandwiches and burgers too. They had pastas and salads too. I can really say that it is delicious and tasty.

The chicken burger were perfectly blend with lettuce and a sliced of tomato delighted with cheese and mayonnaise inside it’s bun. I paired it with avocado shake while hubby take the cucumber lemon juice. There’s a different taste of beverages as well. All healthy with it’s good taste. You can also choose¬† coffee drinks for those coffee lovers and even “sikwate”. A very traditional cebuano version of hot chocolate. I guess you can never go wrong with their all for Php 50 beverages. All are healthy options.

We have different taste after all, different cravings and different favorites. I am not into burgers personally so it really sinks me when I tried it. One thing is that, their restaurant is just 30 minutes away from our house. Located along the road, very easy to find. Perfect place to dine together with your friends and loved ones. The place is clean and the staffs are very approachable. Real good food for less. Pocket friendly, a must try!



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