The 3 Important Tools You Need To Create a Successful Online Marketing Strategy For Your Business

You just launched your business. Sales were good for the first month then as days gone by, little income was coming in. Frustration hits you. You thought of bringing your business online and started off on social media. Now what?

The Internet evolution has provided business owners powerful tools for reaching thousands of prospects, clients and customers with just a few clicks on the mouse. However, without knowledge of online strategies, these tools might just hurt you. I remember back in 2015, I first launched my business on facebook posting more about my products and services ending up with little to no engagement, 2-3 likes, and still zero sales. Then with just one selfie, not promoting anything, you get friends’ reactions and comments!

 So I finally decided to learn more about digital marketing and invested on a digital marketing coach who taught me these 3 important marketing tools that I still use, to attract more people and convert them into buying my products, offers and services. 

Here are the 3 important tools

Tool #1: Social Media Business Pages

In online marketing, social media has been successful and useful for getting attention or attracting people to take a look at your offer and stand out from the masses. With a business page, you can start posting anything about your business without getting banned and advertise at a low cost (make sure to read the advertising policy first).  I would suggest you start with one business page and focus there until you grow your followers.

Tool #2: Your Website

So what happens after you attract clients and customers? If they are an ideal fit, they convert. And the best conversion tool that you should have is your website. Now I often get the question if it’s okay to just depend on social media pages itself. My answer is always “no” because first, you’ll never know when these social media sites go “poof”, so will be your online presence, your hard earned-contact list and contents you made. Your website should at least consist of your products, blog, and news about our business. Second, you can convey only so much information on social media. So use it as an “attracting” tool, while your website is your  ”selling” tool.


Tool #3: Autoresponder Software

As I mentioned earlier, If they are an ideal fit, they convert because not everyone you attract will be. Conversion can happen in two ways: (1) a stranger turns into consumer, or (2) a stranger turns into a client or customer. People become consumers when they are subscribed to your blog or consuming information through newsletters. With autoresponders you can send emails up to unlimited contacts sharing your brand and offer until the time is right for them to buy or refer it to someone they know who would like and need your offer.

Remember, there’s always a strategy in every style of marketing. Just as how you plan your sales process for your business, your online branding should have one too. And these 3 tools can help you get started promoting your business on the internet.


P.S No website for your business yet? Let’s make one for you now!

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