The VAbootcamp: Point of View

Cash at your disposal that is close to twenty thousand pesos deserves a considerable amount of thought. You may decide to spend it on a travel package or a new gadget. Or treat yourself to a pair of branded shoes or bag.  You can choose to save it in the bank or use it for something that will give you a great return on investment. No matter how you want to spend it, the choice is still yours to make.

Spending money in training courses like the Virtual Assistant Boot Camp gives you a high return on investment. The benefits of gaining expertise and improving self-worth outweigh every penny you spend in the program. Rather than buying things that go out of date, enrolling in the VA Boot camp is a good call. It is the best place to start learning “Work from Home” skills and building a career in online jobs.

Holistic Training

The training is holistic in its approach. It focuses not only on teaching essential skills but also nurturing a positive attitude in students. Trainees learn how to thrive in global freelancing platforms. It empowers graduate to be world class. Not to mention that a graduate from the course is one step ahead in getting online job offers.

Concise Lecture

Lectures in a video format are concise and easy to learn. Assignments are challenging. Quizzes at the end of each module are mind-boggling but rewarding. For one thing, student passing the quiz receives the colorful Credly badge.

Online Professional Networking

Students get exclusive membership in “Virtual Bootcamp Members” and “Flip”  These are FB Groups which are useful for members to make new connections and to stay in touch.

Online Freelancing Roadmap

The training is a Roadmap in itself.  Students undergo a series of steps starting from learning relevant skills all throughout job hunting, accepting and maintaining clients.

Budget Friendly

The cost of training is budget friendly. You can either pay in full or in installments. Payment channel is so flexible because you can pay either through credit cards, bank deposits, Western Unions and a lot more.

Home to Members

Above all, it is home for members that are treated as families. You are not on your own because it has a well-developed support system. Students feel a high level of comfort because coaches are everywhere to give guidance. Queries are answered and addressed in no time. And the best part is, you learn at your own pace, at your own time and in the comforts of your own home.

Final Thoughts

Fire up your career in Online Freelancing.  Join the training that will give you the edge over other Freelancers. Be a VA Bootcamper!


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