Do you think pacifying kids with iPads is helpful? Why or why not?

  • One of the most daunting task that a human being in his/her lifetime could ever have is being a parent. It poses a lot of challenge, it gives you an opportunity for thinking fast in your feet of ways and means on how to make your children adhere to every set of norms that you placed for them. It brings the best of you, it makes you realize that this is a task that has “no turning back button”, and once that you are already in that situation you just have to weather the storm and proceed to the next stage whether you are ready or not. In short, it is just simply the way it is and I guess most parents have experience to be in that situation in one way or another at some point of thier lives.


One common denominator among children whether they are sons or daughters of rich or poor couples is that when they are not in the mood for play, they are in tantrums and that spells problems for most parents, and one of the most common “pacifyers” or “problem-solvers” that most parents employ is giving their children electronic gadgets and one example of it, are iPads. If you look at it on the surface it is one great “silencer” especially when you are at church or in a mall or in any place that you may need your child to be behaved. Your child eye becomes glued at his/her iPad and you will have your peace of mind. You seem to have a temporary ceasefire for crisis that your child may bring if he/she is not given an iPad and you can now perform other task that requires your full attention. But is it worth it? Are you thinking of the negative impact that those electronics might pose in your child’s health? Are you considering other detrimental factors that might arise because you just want a little peace and quiet time?

Studies shows that radiation coming from those electronics gadgets are causing deteriorating eye function among children, if you compare eye problems of children from our generation to that of children who were raised during 50’s, or 60’s or even the early 70’s, eye problems are not so very common compared with our generation. One time I was at the mall, I saw a boy about six to eight years old wearing heavy glasses and when I took a peek (I positioned myself behind him), I felt nauseous. When I asked him how long he had been wearing those glasses, he said he was wearing those since he was five. I am now in my late 30’s I am about to enter forty but I do not wear glasses like that boy just wore, I mean he may have that problem since birth but there were so many of them, that day alone, I counted around twenty (20) children around six to eight years of age wearing glasses and almost half of those kids are staring on thier iPads while strolling in the mall.

What is so humurous is that a child playing on his iPad and another child swiping also on his iPad they are just seated very close and yet they do not seem to notice that there were also other people around them, they are so glued to thier gadgets that they seem to forget how to socialize and interact with other people around them. I remember as a kid that I normally open conversation with kids and we end up playing, but kids nowadays don’t even bother to scan to eyes on different direction because they are somehow “very busy” with their gadgets, I think, that is some of the ill effects of pacifying your children with iPads. Is it helpeful? It might be, but is it destructive? Yes it is very destructive. It is very destrutive physically, socially and mentally. It is destructive physically because it offers little to almost zero physical activity that leads to a large number of children being obese. It is destrutive socially because it does not promote to an active lifestyle that allows you to be interactive with other people around you. It s destructive mentally because little you

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