My Top 2 Easy To Grow, Inexpensive Air Purifying Indoor Plants: Their Benefits & Care Tips

  1. Snake Plant ( Mother-in-Law’s tongue )

Price Range : Php 80.00 – 250.00

This sword-like leaf lady is very much easy to grow indoors. This is one of the toughest houseplants that can thrive indoor conditions. Unlike any other houseplants, Snake plants can be neglected a couple of days. Let’s say you will be in a vacation for a week or you’re too busy doing some stuff, this lovely plant can never feel displeasure if ignored. Just make sure to check it once you get back to see if it needs water already. Place it in a place to get morning sun at least once a week to maintain its color.

According to NASA experiment, Snake plants are one of the plants with more leaf surface area that purifies air. It releases oxygen and promotes the flow of oxygen which can affect your mood to feel less stressed and remove toxic chemicals at home. You can place one in the corner of your room. A study published that snake plant promotes sleep because it absorbs Carbon Dioxide at night time.

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