Top 5 Reasons Why you must visit “Province of Batangas City”

There are many reasons why tourists love Batangas. I may not be able to list them all down here since you might have your own reasons for it. But for me, here are my TOP 5 reasons:

Top 1: The Beaches

Tourists who are staying in Manila and those who would want a cool dip in the sea and would not want to fly off to the other islands of the country, I would definitely recommend you to head down to Batangas City, so you would experience the relaxing and coziness of the beach resorts there.

Please refer to the link below for more of the beach resorts ideas around Batangas area that you could able to choose from.

Top 2: The Good Food

There are a variety of good foods that you could see and experience when you drive along the way of Batangas City. These are Special Bulalo, the comforting LOMI and GOTO which people from other places would definitely crave for. Here is the sample vlog.

Top 3. Accommodating “Batanguenos”

The people who natively live in Batangas City are called “Batanguenos.” And with Batanguenos, you will definitely love to stay in the province since almost all of them are very friendly, hospitable and accommodating.

Top 4: Various Activities to Do

What trip are you up to? It it recreational, religious, historical, environmental, gastronomical? Name it and you will absolutely have it!

Tourists can do all these here in Batangas.! Please watch below exciting Vlog.

Top 5: A “JUST-DO” Tourist Destination

To wrap it up, Batangas for me is just a wonderful place to be at. So, if you happen to read this and you haven’t been here in our province, feel free to leave us a comment. Ask us where’s the best place to visit in Batangas and we’ll give you a fair list to choose from. Thank you!

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