Tots and IPads: Pros and Cons.

“This is my daughter watching videos on her IPad”

In today’s world where technology is growing fast and advanced, so are kids. Gone are the days where all children play outside together with other kids. Writing this post makes me remember my childhood days. Compared to today’s generation, there are many changes that have happened. One of those of course is the birth of IPad, thanks to Apple Inc.

IPad is Apple Inc’s tablet computer, which is really portable and easy to use. That’s why children as young as 2 years old can easily access and operate it. There are lots of debates and discussions about whether IPad is really good or bad for kids. In my opinion, Yes and No. I have a 2-year old daughter, so I will base my explanation on my experience whether the IPad is good or bad.

Pro – YouTube. My daughter likes watching videos on YouTube and she easily copies what she sees especially the dance routines. Educational videos with dance lets her move her body and I think improves her memory. My daughter was able to memorize the dance routine of Jollibee’s “Sweet Sarap” dance tutorial. And so I discovered that she loves dancing just like her dad.

Con – YouTube. When connected to the Internet, she can choose any videos that may fancy her. I think it’s not advisable for her since there are some videos that are not appropriate her age and she can copy the actions easily.

In this case, it’s better to control the videos that she can watch. It’s a good thing that YouTube let’s you download the videos you’d like to watch even if you are not connected online. [Mind you, my daughter was the first one to discover for me ^_^] In this way, I know that she only watches educational videos.

Pro – Game Apps. I can say my daughter is a fast learner. I will just show her how to play this particular game on the IPad and then later on she can play that game by herself. The game apps I download will of course are educational, like alphabets, colors, numbers etc. When we go out, I don’t need to bring all her other toys for her to learn the alphabets and numbers. They are all in the IPad.

Con – Game Apps. There are times that she will choose the IPad more than her toys, that’s why sometimes I had to hide her IPad so she could play with her toys.

In this case, I don’t charge the IPad’s battery fully. The IPad’s battery only has 30%. My daughter knows that when the IPad runs out of battery, it’s time to let it go.

Pro – Eating out. We all know that toddlers starting at the age of 2 are the hardest to handle. To pacify her especially in public places, I can say the IPad is helpful. Whenever we dine out, I always bring her IPad so that when she’s bored waiting for the food, she can play with her IPad and she won’t be noisy.

Con – Eating out. Sometimes my daughter doesn’t like to eat or won’t finish her food because she’s too engrossed at watching or playing her IPad.

In this case, always be ready with her favorite snacks or food so even if she’s watching or playing the IPad, she can still eat.

So far, those are the reasons I can think of. Before ending this post, I can say that it will still depend on the parents on how you want to handle and discipline your child. Each toddler is different so as your parenting style. You just have to discover what’s the best approach. As long as you know that your child is growing the way you want her/him to be, you are a good parent.


Babylyn Ramirez

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