Using iPads to Pacify Children

When your kid is about to outburst, hold on before you hand over an ever-soothing iPad.

Parents should avoid using gadgets as only way to calm down children because it may limit the ability of the children to control their own emotions.  Children may not develop the skills necessary to calm themselves naturally.  They need to learn to self-regulate their feelings. 

Parents need to pay attention not only the screen time, but also when and why their using it.  Because it may interfere the development they obtained thru playing and interaction to their families and friends.  The device can’t provide the learning and development that a child can acquire through social interaction.  This is the reason why gadgets should not crowd out toys, games and physical activities of the child.

We can try other ways of pacifying our children without the helped of gadgets.  One way is to keep their favorite stuffs like puzzles, reading materials, painting or anything that can keep your child interested.  Another one is we can talk to our children and make them understand the situation.  Give them chance to feel heard.  The key is always communicating with them.  Have a designated family hour without any television and gadgets.  Play and have more time with our family.

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