Visit the Philippine Niagara, Surigao del Sur Tinuy an Falls

Have you ever wondered why the Niagara Falls in Canada is such a popular place for honeymooners? You don’t have to go all the way to Canada to have a great honeymoon in the Philippines, however. You can head over to Bislig City in Surigao del Sur and visit our own version of the Niagara Falls, the Tinuy-an Falls.The name derives from the Visayan word “tuyo,” which means “aim,” and not the Tagalog word that means “dry.” Tinuy-an or tinuyo-an means an intentional act to achieve a certain goal.

At Tinuy-an Falls, you can ride on a bamboo raft and enjoy the ‘hydro-massage’ from the waterfalls [water falling down ur back feels like a massage, hence the term. ]. You can also have your photo taken and pay for the copy after. One can also climb to the upper tier of the falls and enjoy the view from atop. Food and drinks are available from the stalls at the parking area. Souvenirs can also be bought there.Best time to visit the falls is after a rainfall and we cannot predict that. It is during heavy downpour where Tinuy-an is beautiful to look at. the water cascading looks like white, wide curtain.

If you are planning to stay the night in Bislig (Mangagoy) there are inns and hostels in Mangagoy.Please click

There are also restaurants that cater to big groups. There is now a mall – Gaisano Capital – in town. So, you can buy groceries and other necessities from there. There is also Mercury Drug and 2 hospitals just in case. Buses and vans are operational 24 hours. The tourism office maintains an office there where duty officers are assigned for the day.

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