Visit the Highland Paradise in the Heart of Mindanao: BUKIDNON

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Some people maybe afraid of visiting the Province of Bukidnon specially if it’s their first time because of the bad reputation they heard from the news. However, the people of Bukidnon is naturally peace loving, hard working and very warm despite its cool weather.

The province lovely mountains high, fertile soil makes ideal  tourist  destination for those who wants to enjoy scenic views and rest a while from the busy crowded cities. Bukidnon is known as the highland paradise in the heart of Mindanao because of its  rich culture, booming agricultural economy, healthy poultry and livestock, green lushing forest and panoramic views.

The province is perfect for nature lovers because it surrounded with mountain ranges  that host several watersheds and homeland of the indigenous people and endangered species such as Philippine Eagle. Mt. Kitanglad is the second highest peak in the country next to Mt. Apo. Definitely, the province is typhoon free, has cool refreshing climate and moist throughout  the year.

It is located at the center of Mindanao, Southern part of the Philippines, it’s a shoreless province bounded by the Cagayan De Oro on the North, North Cotabato and Davao City on the South, Agusan del Sur and Davao del Norte on the East, Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur on the West.

How to get here:

Laguindingan International Airport in Laguindingan Misamis Oriental is the nearest  airport and the port of Cagayan de Oro is the closest seaport. Since it is a landlocked province, bus and van for hire are the most convenient  way to reach the province. About  104 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro City, almost one and a half to two hours ride you can reach Malaybalay City, the capital of the province.

                       Baguio in Mindanao: Dahilayan Forest Park


Mindanao’s Favorite Extreme Playground
Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich


If somebody is not into trekking and mountain climbing, Dahilayan Adventure Park in Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich is the perfect place  to bond with your family and friends.It’s one hour ride from the City of Cagayan De Oro.

It was tagged as Mindanao’s favorite extreme playground.

The activities depends on your guts and intensity of the rides. Aside from its famous 840M Asia’s Longest Zipline, you can have skyjump. ropes course , flying lizard, atv rides and a lots of packed activities everyone can enjoy. The youngster will surely enjoy the challenges. You can choose package or pay  any activity of your choice. However, older ones can simply enjoy cardio opportunities like walking around the park and feel the cool air and enjoy scenic views while children can have the playground. There’s a cafe that will cater your thirst and hunger or you can packed your own food for practical reasons.

You can stay overnight in their hotel with wifi in the lobby, rooms and function rooms. Hotel rooms ranges from Php  3,500 – 5000.

The mountain filled with pine trees, cool breeze and fun-filled activities together with your loved ones are truly a treat to behold.

Kaamulan Festival


credits to the owner Tribal folks during the Street dancing  competition

Just like shooting three birds in one stone, the best way to visit and experience adventure in Bukidnon is during the Kaamulan Festival in Malaybalay City. It is an annual celebration and only authentic  ethnic festival in the country.

Book your vacation in the second half of February to March 10, which latter date marks the anniversary of the creation of Bukidnon as province.

Kaamulan is a gathering of tribes people for a purpose. It can mean a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these put together.

You can witness unique indigenous culture of Bukidnon. The tribal folks representing these seven hill tribes of Bukidnon gather in unity with the local dwellers in town, wearing their woven costumes, with trinkets, anklets, earrings, necklaces, leglets, headdresses and amulets. They dance together, chant, perform ancient rituals, and compete in indigenous sports.

Street dancing competition and ethnic ground presentation are among the highlights of the said event. Furthermore, there are Garden Show, Food Fest, Bazaars and Agri-Fair to showcase the province products and establishments. Tourist can try the province’s delicacies like pineapple based pastries, binaki (a kakanin or local snack made of corn and milk) and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from different places in the province.

Motocross, off-road competition, concerts, basketball tournaments and several others are also line up into the festivity.

Each activity is a meaningful ceremony that reflects the richness and diversity of the Bukidnon culture.

Eiffel Kubo

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Eiffel Kubo is  a fusion of French and Filipino culture. It is a place to stay whenever you are in Malaybalay City. The ambiance is relaxing that add to the repertoire menu of Filipino-French cuisine.

Try their lechon sa sinigang, humba with a touch of French cooking, chicken pops and fillet. The crepe is refreshing and yummy with a complimentary drink of fermented ginger with calamansi (local lemon). Their soufflé is definitely a must try too.

The place is very attractive and clean. The rooms were affordable since they don’t have  air-con because the weather in Malaybalay is a bit cool.

The owners, William and Angelie, are very accommodating as well as their staff. They are located at Claro M. Recto St. Malaybalay City.



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We are all pilgrims in this world. One of the perfect place to visit when you are nearby Malaybalay, Bukidnon is the Monastery of Transfiguration of Jesus in Barangay San Jose.

The place is beautiful as it with great architectural design perfect for photos opps.

If you want a peaceful place to hangout, the church is very solemn and perfect place to pray and meditate. They offer daily masses. They also have religious items, souvenirs and its own products for sale. They are known for its Monk’s Blend Premium Coffee, Monk’s Blend peanut butter, roasted peanut, peanut brittle and Monk’s Blend tablea.

It’s an open place for all. The monastery is run by Benedictine monks. You cannot go inside with if you are wearing sleeveless and shorts .



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