VSU in My Heart

Visayas State University (VSU)  is known to be a very scenic university nationwide.

VSU had been my second home for five years. Lot of memories I want to share with you. It had been my training ground to be a better persona and to be prepared in real life. Having met with a different character of people, my life in college is not as easy as we think. Though we have freedom from our parent, I’m still limiting my action because I am an introvert person. It is so hard to adjust and adapt so I will be accepted by them. But, I was wrong. I didn’t expect that VSU made me belong and dreamt further beyond what I dream for,


Don’t you know why Malakas and Maganda had been the landmark of VSU? These two legendary people are seen at the center of the picture. As we all know from the history of our origin, God created Eva and Adan to take care of the wonderful living things of God. God banned them to eat the forbidden fruit. Eva was easily tempted to eat the forbidden fruit because of the evil snake who brainwash her. From the time Eva ate the forbidden fruit, she felt ashamed of her nakedness because of the knowledge and wisdom. So, Malakas and Maganda had been the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. But, the knowledge and wisdom we had come from the above, Our Living God.

Aside from the knowledge and wisdom, VSU had blessed of lots of wonders by our Living God. Just play the video and surely you will be amazed how VSU is known as a very scenic university.

Hoping you will be blessed watching and reading my blog. Have a good day ahead!

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