“She will be a doctor someday.”

“He will be a policeman like everyone in the family.” When a new child is born, we hear phrases like this. From the day that they are brought into this world and as they grow, they are being shaped to become the person their parents want them to be.

But what do your children really want to be when they grow up?

It is a great dilemma for a child to choose which path to take, especially for children who rely on their parents to support their education.  Often times, they are left with only one option- parents’ option. While it is with no doubt that parents only want what’s best for their kids, some tend to be a little over pushy. Your kids are different from you. Your interests, forte and dreams may differ from theirs.

A lot of children who faces this dilemma in childhood, finished their studies and that’s great. But the real problem arises once they start taking jobs. They take jobs that is field-related but don’t last. They lose interest, they don’t excel or they’re simply not happy.

Three Idiots Movie

If you have watched Three Idiots you’ll be familiar with the line “Make your passion your profession, and work will become a game”. This hit me right in the feels. It is really hard to become who you are not. I took up nursing, graduated, passed the board, worked in a hospital and got lost. I’ve always known that this is not for me. It is important that you are happy with what you are doing. Because that means you can do this for a long time. 

So to my dear readers (parents or parents to be), please involve your children in decision-making. Decide with them. Dream with them. It is their future after all.

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