4 Ways to Help Reduce Traffic in the Philippines

1. Patronize Public Transportation

As private cars owned by Filipinos continues to increase through the years, the pressure is on encouraging the majority to take public transportation.

There is no denial that there are A LOT of improvement needed in our public transportation. As well as on the fact that we have almost every day news about MRT encountering technical difficulties, the long-lines you have to endure to get to the platform, etc.

But the government is doing its best to find a long-term solution to this worsening traffic in the Philippines by investing on the improvement of our public transportation, strict implementation of traffic rules and clearing the way for alternative routes.

By patronizing our public transportation, we are helping on reducing the volume of cars travelling on the busy roads as well as saving some money on our fuel and parking fees. When the volume of cars on rush hours decreases, PUVs will be able take more rounds of trips instead of getting stuck on traffic.

2. Car Pooling

With the majority of Filipino workers having smartphones, TNVS or Transport Network Vehicle Services are emerging fast in our country. Although car pooling can be done with the people you know or people you are close with, others can also do this through Grab’s or Uber’s car pooling option in their app.

Instead of travelling alone in a car, why not share it with others who goes along your way as well? Car-owners who choose to hop in does not only help in reducing the traffic volume but it also saves them some money from fuel and parking fees.

3. Bicycle

Although not all areas have bicycle lanes, if your place has one and if your workplace is close enough from your home, why not try to ride a bicycle?

Car-owners save fuel or parking fees. Commuters can save from their usual daily fare too while burning some calories for free.

4. Work from Home

The best option though on helping to reduce traffic in the Philippines is by working from home.

Aside from saving you money from fuel, parking fee or fare (if you are a commuter), you can save time as well in travelling to and from your workplace.

You do not have to rush in the morning preparing for breakfast and lunch – if you are bringing your own meal. You won’t have a hard time preparing your clothes or battling with the cold weather when getting up in bed or taking a shower – your client wouldn’t even know you haven’t took a bath if you won’t tell them.

All in all, these are only ideas that we can do in helping to reduce the worsening traffic in our country.

Instead of our continuous complaint or rants on social media, why don’t we start from ourselves? What solutions can we give to help improve our transportation? Are we contributing to the traffic? Or are we helping to reduce it?

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