What’s is real happiness?

There are lots of reason that makes people happy. Most of the time, It was the material things that we want to get. Our dream house, dream car, dream job, and lifestyle that we always set to be the most important in achievement in our life. But are we really choosing the right decision to make us happy and satisfied in this life?

I am a young Mom, and I think most of you will relate to my current situation. I had my first angel when I was 19 years old not knowing what will be the life ahead after what I thought is the beginning of my happiness. My Daughter is my priceless treasure, indeed I will forever look at her like that. But the life that we have is not the best as what I want to give her. I only finished High school that prohibits me to have a better opportunity as other college graduate people can have. But I didn’t look at it as my disadvantage. That’s when I start dreaming, planning and trying to do the best that I can to give my little one the life that I always dreamt of giving her. I did all the jobs that I can, from being a Service crew to a Sales lady then I happen to become a Call Center Representative to a factory worker here in Taiwan as my current Full-time job. I did all of those jobs with the mindset that someday it will be all worth it.

Somehow, all of those sacrifices create a slow change in our life. I was able to buy my own house, have a small investment and some cash on me as a saving, but it doesn’t give me the satisfaction that I ever want to have. There’s something missing, and as I look back. I missed the part that I have to be a mother for my child. I was so busy creating a fast route to her better future that I forgot what’s the reason why I was passing that bridge and all the street’s obstacles, I forgot that it was her that I should prioritize than the wealth and steadiness which we can still have in the future even if I would choose to be her Mom more than a person that can give her the life of a fairy tale. As I realized that things, I chose to give her time, more and more time. I was away, but my heart is still with her every little step and smile. That’s when I knew to myself that I need to go home and be with my little pumpkin. So I started searching online to see some possible way to have an income while being with my Daughter. I am still at the process but I know this won’t take so long since I know now that I still have options to be with my child while having a steady income and work at home.

Lastly, I was able to find the happiness that I’ve always wanted. I am a Mom, the most important role that I’m always proud to have. I am her best friend and her forever Fan. It is true that no one can really get happiness if we just base it all to the luxury and comfort that life can give to us. We should always put in mind that Time is still the most precious from all of the gifts that God gave to us so we should spend it wisely. Spent it more with the people that we love, appreciate every second that we have with them and make it all worth it while we still have the chance. Be an achiever with goals and execute the action plan in your dream. But do not forget the reason for having those dream. It should still be balanced so you will not be going to have any regret in the future.

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