Why Bayawan City?

28 years. I’ve been seeing that house for 28 years (First photo). Yes, you read it right. You might be asking yourself, whose house is that? Is it a historical place? Is there something important with that house? Okay just to give a heads up, that is the house of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. It’s one of the popular spots you can see in Calamba. I remember my childhood every time I see that house. Good memories to be exact and also there’s a wishing well inside the house and every time we go there I make sure that I will drop a one peso coin and make a wish. Once you enter the house you will feel that you’re in a different era. The house is well preserved and also It’s weird because of the smell. I’m not saying it’s bad but it really feels that you travel back in time. I recommend you stay in the center of the city which is near that house. You can see a lot of places you visit and for sure it’s an IG worthy post. On the other side of the street, you will see the church of St. John the baptist. That church was built in 1859 during the Spanish colonial era and I remember when I was a child this church is very special to me. I had my first communion here and I can still remember the name of our catechist sister Lucy. She’s very kind and down to earth. Going back in front of the church you will see the biggest Banga or clay pot in the Philippines. The name of the Calamba was derived from Kalan and Banga. Actually, if want to relax, you can also visit the infamous hot springs Calamba and also you can find the famous delicacies as well like Espanol and buko pie. Calamba has a lot to offer. So what are you waiting for, come and visit Calamba.


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