People dream to be successful buy house and lot, cars, give good educations to their children, to have their own business, provide for their family and dream to become rich.

But when we achieved those goals somewhere along the way all that we invested are gone, the next generation suffered. There are families that are separated with one another because the bread winner of the family died, and they need to give away their children for adaption or give to their children to their relatives. Sound like a soap opera but it really happens.

We don’t have plan for our family we only think is to provide for what they need as of the moment. But most of the Filipino families don’t think about their future.

Friends, I know it hurt as you read my blog, but I been in that situation. The reason I’m writing this to you because I want you to prepare you for your future, and to give inheritance to your family.

Filipino likes to loan rather than to save. We are impatient in waiting, but in paying we run away. A lot of families are in debt, and think of having a better life become a hazy path for them.

We are afraid if an insurance agent approached us. We think that they are going to pitch in a sales from you. Guys, insurance agents are here to help you and to educate you, to prepare for your future and to have a better life for your family.

We are afraid to talk about death but all of us are going to die, we are not immortal. Insurance can give death benefit in case something happened to the insured. Other insurance coverage are accident death and disablement, total and permanent disability, critical illnesses coverage and etc.

Insurance agents are here to secure your family. We don’t want you to suffer a massive rock bottom situation. There are some insurance agent want to sell an insurance to you, but did not give you a descent coverage. So be wise in getting an insurance make sure that your insurance agent has a genuine service to you.

I am proud to say that I am an insurance agent and I want to help you archived your financial goals.

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