Why is freelancing the best option for stay-at-home moms or dads?

by rolando g. berin

the mere essence of freelancing which is synonymous to being an independent contractor denotes working in an environment of his/ her choice. where else can someone have the time of his life other than the comfort of his/ her own home. The privacy, safety, ambience provided by one’s own residence is non-comparable to the most sophisticated office you can think of. Imagine a place where you are king in a kingdom ruled by you, where you set your own rules, guidelines and what not.

as a parent, giving your tender loving care to your children almost full time in the comfort of your own home is quality at its finest.

Other than the above, we have to make mention that the peace offered by one’s own abode not to mention the absence of expenses pertinent to transport, the hazzles of traffic, the time consumed in preparation for the trip going to and from the office is way way beyond comprehension.

Needless to say that freelancing at its most basic form is equated to working from home.

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