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Why Solid Perfumes Rock

Ever heard of solid perfumes?

Solid perfumes aren’t as new as you might think. These were used in rituals and burials far back during ancient times and some even carry these solid scents around in lockets. Unlike liquid perfumes that use alcohol and water as base or medium, solid perfumes make use of natural wax to diffuse fragrance on skin.

So why would you want to own one?

KIND TO SKIN: Liquid perfumes contain alcohol which can make skin dry. Solid perfumes on the other hand make use of ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils which can moisturize skin.

DURABLE AND PORTABLE: A solid perfume won’t smash and leak its contents if you were to drop your bag or the perfume itself directly on the floor. Usually contained in a small metal tin, they are way sturdier. The small size and light weight make it also ideal for carrying with you on the go.

LASTING AND EASY TO USE: Solid perfumes are highly concentrated so even a little creates a big impact and stays longer on skin. It is also easy to apply. Just gently dab onto the usual pulse points such as the wrist, inner arm, base of the collar bone and back of the neck.

Need I say more? Make room for these solid perfumes in your pocket now and enjoy these benefits!

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