Quezon Province has quite a list of natural attractions you can explore if being out under the sun, surrounded by water and mountains is your idea of one great adventure. Although this may not be a popular nor the usual travel destination, some of the tiny and sleepy towns have some of the most stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that are mostly untouched and undeveloped. Often overlooked by tourists and travelers, let’s discover other hidden gems of Quezon province that will surely entice you to explore more!


It might be new to most of you but this small island in San Andres Quezon could be a new hideout for your summer escapade. The pride of the island is their white sand beach with clear turquoise water, the view of the sea forest and the mangrove trees, not to mention the beautiful sandbar with lots of starfishes.

Photo credit to Damn Good Travels


Now when someone says river rafting,  people would probably think of Davao, Cagayan de Oro or Kalinga, but what most of us don’t know, however, is that there is also a river in Real, Quezon—oftentimes overlooked and outshone by other nearby tourist destinations and by other towns in Quezon Province.

Here, the locals of Real, in Barangay Tanauan took advantage of their natural resources, a combination of rafting and tubing: inflated tire tubes were tied together in a wooden frame to make an improvised floating device, while all the people needed to do was sit down, hang on to the wooden frame, and go to where the rapids may take them!


This may not be a 7th Wonders of Nature like Palawan’s Pride-  The Underground River, but still, Malaog Cave in Sampaloc, Quezon is still indeed enchanting and worth trekking for.

To get there, it will take about 45 mins of a hike, crossing Malaking Bato (Boulder), but not to worry as you will also be escorted by a couple of friendly local dogs. Not to mention some side trips to the historical Spanish Arc (Arko) and river banks where you can swim and cliff jump. To take visitors deeper into the narrow cave, they must board an improvised boat made up of water containers tied up to a bamboo raft.

Pugto-Pugto (layers of gigantic rocks where the river pass through)

It feels like you’re in search of a treasure when exploring through these massive canyons and the river is clear if not raining. Who would have thought that one can find such a magical place like this slumbering in the tiny town of Sampaloc deep in the Sierra Madre mountains? I would say these are the real treasures of the earth.


Located in Barangay Silangan Malicboy, Malicboy Falls is a towering cascade with a shallow catch basin. Along the river going to this waterfalls and further upstream are smaller and unnamed but going upstream means braving the nearly steep and narrow trails of the mountain. Often visited by the locals and people from the nearby towns.

The trailhead starts near the waiting shed and Malicboy Bridge in Pulong Giting, on the left side of the road from Pagbilao town proper to Atimonan. Just follow the concrete trail of the irrigation and turn left at the trail junction going to rice paddies all the way to the river then trek along the river upstream.

There you have it! These are just some of the off-beaten paths in Quezon Province, next time you crave for another amazing adventure, you might want to check these cool places out.

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