Wonderful Traditional Food in Calbayog Samar

“Kamayan sa Carayman”™

Tucked away about 100 meters from the Pan Philippine Highway, in the little suburb of Barangay Carayman, there is Kamayan Restaurant. No sign will lead you there, neither on the highway nor at the entrance, but everyone in Calbayog knows this traditional Filipino restaurant. The place is open and shady. Right next to the entrance there is a small pond with fat catfish, where you can select (and even catch) your meal. A delicious tausi sauce (black fermented soy beans), and the evenly delicious chili crabs. Taste wise a close second were the crispy shrimps, the mixed seafoods, the vegetable chop suey and the rather tough calamares rings.

In terms of quantity ordering is a bit tricky: On top of the menu it says “good for 3-4 persons”, which is correct for the catfish, the crab, or the chop suey, but some dishes are just good for one, like the calamares or the crispy shrimps. What we had ordered turned out to be just enough; it could easily have been a little more.

It’s somewhat sad that Kamayan, like many other restaurants in the Philippines, has stopped serving fresh fruit juice. It’s a bit of a shame, with all the fresh calamansi or mangoes easily available throughout the year. On the other hand, the service was extremely fast, considering the size of our unannounced group, plus the fact that the restaurant was already pretty full when we came.

The bestseller is the crab! Just thinking about it makes you crave for it. Place is 100 meters from the Pan Philippine Highway, in the little suburb of Carayman. A very small sign is on the highway but best to ask people as sign is unnoticeable. People in Calbayog City knows this traditional filipino restaurant that looks like a big nipa hut.

The Place of KAMAYAN RESTAURANT is made of a nipa hut with good ambiance and fresh air.


Menu – this is good for 3-4 persons but you can add more, prices are affordable.

Masag – swimmer crab, blue manna crab or sand crab, rajungan in Indonesian, and alimasag in Tagalog, is a large crab found in the inter tidal estuaries around most.

Chili Crab – the best seller for the sea food lovers, good for 2-3 persons.

Sinigang na Hipon sa Sampaloc or Filipino Shrimp Soup – in tamarind broth is a quick and easy soup dish that you can prepare for lunch or dinner. This dish is quite flexible with the vegetable.


Crispy golden Shrimps are an out-an-out winner!

Mixed Seafoods – a variety of fresh seafood shell, veggies and squid.


Ginataang Hito – is well-loved by Filipinos. It is commonly served as a main course for their meals— lunch or dinner. More so, it is perfect to be served with a cup of hot rice and a glass of any beverages.

Crispy Pata – is a Filipino dish consisting of deep fried pig trotters or knuckles served with a soy-vinegar dip. It can be served as party fare or an everyday dish. Many restaurants serve boneless pata as a specialty.




Kamayan Sa Carayman

Carayman, Calbayog City, Philippines 6710



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