ZOIDS WILD: Episode 8 Review

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ZOIDS WILD: Episode 8 Review

After their escape from the clutches of the mad Death Metal Scientists, Arashi and Onigiri are wandering the wilderness to search for the fabled Golden Treasure Z.

Meanwhile in a village nearby, Death Metal tries to attack a village but were fended off by the villager’s squad of Gold Raptors.  The villagers have the upper hand until Drake and his Gilraptor arrives, decimating the city. As soon as Drake leaves the village, much to his disdain, he receives a call from Emperor Gallagher to pick up an electric Bamboo seed to be used as a set piece for his party.

While continuing their journey, Arashi and Onigiri got into a conversation about Zoids. Onigiri quizzed Arashi on the different types of zoids. Unfortunately, Arashi failed all of Onigiri’s questions. He then decides to tutor Arashi on Zoid Biology to which Arashi falls asleep.

Gilraptor on the attack!!!!

When morning came, Arashi and Onigiri chanced upon a forest “managed” by Death Metal. They soon discovered that this forest contain electric bamboo seeds when Arashi tripped and got electrecuted on one. Soon after Drake arrives to pickup a seed.  A battle ensues with the Zoids. Arashi gained the upper hand upper using Liger’s Wild Blast on the Gilraptor. Drake wanted to strike back but he was soon interrupted by Emperor Gallagher’s phone call to return to his castle with the Electric Bamboo seed.

Wild Liger on the Attack!!!

The episode ends with Arashi asking Onigiri to teach him more about Zoids.

The Good:

I enjoyed the funny scenes between Arashi and Onigiri.  It was funny when Arashi was so clueless to the questions of Onigiri.  But soon afterwards, Arashi turned his ignorance of Zoids Taxonomy into willingness after facing Drake and Gilraptor.

The Bad:

I didn’t like the scenes with Emperor Gallagher. It makes me wonder, how can be who wants to play and party all day become a ruthless emperor feared throughout the land. I guess these will be revealed in some future episode. But for now,  I’m not enjoying the childishness of Gallagher.

Next Week:

Arashi meets the boy who can heal Zoids.




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