The Korn counterpart of the Philippines, nu metal band Slapshock returns to the Philippine rock scene armed with a 15-year caliber of excellence and experience in their seventh studio album, Kinse Kalibre, released by Polyeast Records, featuring the single “Ngayon Na,” which is on the number one spot for a month now on MYX Channel.

All 12 tracks in Kinse Kalibre are originally written by Jamir Garcia, mixed in Malaysia and mastered at John Greenham Mastering in San Francisco, USA, and produced by the band, composed of Jamir Garcia (vocals), Lee Nadela (bass), Lean Ansing (guitars) and Chi Evora (drums).
So what do we expect from Kinse Kalibre?
Jamir said, “In this album, we we’re challenged to produce something that will cater more to our Filipino listeners. This time, I have challenged myself to write five Tagalog songs.”

Slapshock (Kinse Kalibre Full Album)

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Following the 6th album Carino Brutal’s commercial success, the band, who signed their first record deal in 1998 with OctoArts (now Polyeast Records), took three years touring the country and abroad before producing Kinse Kalibre, which marks the band’s 15th year this February 2012.