Maragusan is a landlocked municipality and located in the mountainous province of Compostela Valley soon to be Davao de Oro. It is formerly named as “San Mariano”. The municipality is known as the “Summer Capital” in Davao Region ( Compostela Valley soon to be Davao de Oro, Davao del Sur where Davao City belongs, Davao Orriental which City is Mati City, Davao del Norte which Tagum City is their City and Davao Occidental which City is Digos)It’s a hidden gem perfect for those adventure seekers and nature lovers.

The town celebrates “Pyagsawitan Festival” its a thanksgiving celebration for bountiful harvests and the rich cultural heritage of the Mansaka tribe. Best time also to try Mansaka tribe Lotlot(  traditional food for Mansaka warriors known before as bagani. For the entire festival, every visitor can taste every sort of lotlot that can be made- from pork, chicken, fish and even, snails!) Also Bya-is Festival of Barangay Poblacion (Bya-is is a warrior wine of the Mansaka made from Pangla, a native variety of ginger mixed with honey and sugar fermented in 6-8 months in old jars and covered with a sweet smelling leaf. This is a must-try wine when in Maragusan). Apparently, the municipality has a lot to offer to the tourists from majestic waterfalls down to springs. Beautiful scenery of hills and mountains, overlooking views and stunning landscapes.

Here are some of the hidden gems to visit in Maragusan;

  1. Sea of Clouds and Mountains
If you’ve been to Bali, Indonesia then by just looking to this picture you will remember the instagramable Wanagiri Hills but instead of twin lake background it’s a sea of clouds behind. Yes, you read it right; it’s a sea of clouds. A place for early riser if you want to catch this scenic view because when the sun rise the clouds will slowly faded. Best time to get there, as early as 5am to start your first cup of coffee.

Early scenic view at Calamba farm Sea of Clouds, Mapawa, Maragusan
If you want to wake up to this kind of view then why don’t you bring your tent and do camping with family and friends.
Maragusan, Compostela Valley
Major jumpoff: Marangig Falls, Brgy. New Albay, Maragusan
LLA: 7°21’0″N; 126°4’38″E; 2402 MASL (#29)
Days required / Hours to summit: 3 days / 12-14 hours
Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 8/9, Trail class 1-5
Features: Mossy forest, river crossing, waterfalls

2. Waterfalls

It’s a 30 minutes trekking thru muddy trails and slippery slopes,you will felt tired but relieved and enticed when you saw what lies in the middle of the forest. Clear icy cold water and relaxing view of Miyaya Falls definitely refreshes your soul. Situated at Barangay Mapawa, Maragusan

This beauty located at Barangay New Albay, Maragusan
Tagbibinta Falls located at Barangay Coronobe, Maragusan

3. Hot and Cold Resorts

If you want to get wet and cold during summer then this place is a good choice to take a dive. If you like to be tickle then try also their fish spa at Aguacan Cold spring resort.
If you’re interested for a warm night swim or warm dive during cool season then Canlawig hot spring will spoil you.
If you want to go up on hike or try the cable car of Maragusan then Haven’s Peak is a place to be.

How to get there:

  1. From Davao City, which is the entry point to Maragusan in Compostela Valley Province.
  2. Best way is to catch a bus/van right in front of the airport. Actually, those bus/van pass there are going north of Mindanao.
  3. Just take a bus/van going or passing in Tagum City. The fare is around Php80-120 and took you an hour of getting there.
  4. When you reach Tagum terminal, take/ride a bus/van with a sign “Maragusan”. The fare is around Php130/head and took you another hour to reach the said place.
  5. Or else, from Davao catch a van directly to Maragusan. They actually pass at the airport and the fare is around a Php220/head basis. (Davao Van terminal is located in Gaisano Mall of Davao)
  6. From there, tricycle “pedicab” and motorcycle “habal-habal” are available to rent depends on your point to point destination. The town minimum fare is Php8 by tricycle.

Note: These tourist spots are both closer to the town or in neighboring Barangay So always ask the locals.

Where to stay:

If you wish to stay there a night, there are a lot of accommodation to choose from and most of them are resort type. One of the town’s pride is the “Heaven’s Peak Highland Resort” it’s an overlooking resort offers many options from a tribal room down to dorm type accommodation. They also have a restaurant for your meals and amenities like swimming poolNext on the list is the “Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort” it’s another ideal place to stay a night in the town offers affordable cottages, in-house store for your needs, and perfect warm water to relax your evening. For details and inquiries. And lastly, the resort that offers a natural cold water pool the “Aguacan Cold Spring Resort” they also offered accommodation to those who wanted to stay and for the rest of the night. A restaurant is also available in the resort and other amenities for you to enjoy.

Note: Just in case you want to bring your own tents, those mentioned resorts will allow you but have to pay for a certain amount as space rent.

Things to do:

  1. Heaven’s Peak (Php30 entrance fee)
  2. Tagbibinta Falls (Php30 entrance fee)
  3. Kanlawig Hot Spring (Php50 entrance fee)
  4. Aguacan Cold Spring (Php40 entrance fee)
  5. Pyagsawitan Festival (25th of November)
  6. Mt. Candalaga (Rafflesia Mira – known as the largest flower in the world)
  7. Sea of Clouds Farms (beautiful landscapes, sceneries, and views)

Best time to visit:

Before heading off for an adventure;

  1. Research the area first before going there. (safety and security first, availability of transportation, accommodation, foods and etc.)
  2. Itinerary for the sequence of your travel. (where first, stop for your meal, activities in the area, the time you’ll be spending in that area, the most important is where to stay and etc.)
  3. Budget. (the cost or expenses of your travel.)
  4. Things to bring. (camera, phone, power bank, charger, necessities or travel kit, your medicine, tent if you are camping in the beach/island, and more important to bring.)
  5. If you travel in a group better to seek a rented van or what depends on you so that you can go with your itinerary directly and less budget of course.
  6. If you’re a solo traveler, you own your time so better to have a map or guidelines and extra money of course.
  7. Take note for the travel time and your length of stay.
    Season and events (summer, the influx of tourist and the most important is the weather as Maragusan is a cool place but really gets cold during Ber seasons until March).
    Lastly, preparation (when, where to seek and what to do in case of Emergency) so that travel is enjoyable and safe.

So have fun and Welcome to MARAGUSAN!