Freelancing for A Single Mother – A Work From Home

Why do most of us want to be a freelancer?  Here’s why!

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Working from home is not an easy task for a mother like me.  We need to do a multi-tasking job from doing house chores, preparing the kids to school, and work for earning.  When I choose to take the path of working remotely, it’s never been easy especially when kids are playing around and started to call my attention that distracts my concentration to work. That is the dilemma of a most single mom working from home, but it is very exciting and fulfilling to be working close to our loved ones. We’re present in each and every step of their ways and able to attend their needs. As a working mom, we need to sort things out to have a possible solution to our problems.

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Problems are just a problem and there is always a solution to that. I got options to address my situation. One,  Give my kids a place in my room where they can play and watch their favorite cartoons. Two, I choose to have work that gives me a flexible time so I can manage and Three, I will work during night time when they are sleeping. Having a small room in our home is very useful for me as a working mother. I can have focus on my virtual job.

Aside from stumbling block at home, we need to prepare to have a good standing online. This is how we are going to sell our expertise to the freelancing world. The best package and good marketing strategy is the one that is sellable rather than just writing a profile without any ingredient to make it tasty. This makes sense, right?

How do I start working from home?

  1. Creating a good profile to attract clients is the first step towards career success online. I started in Upwork and I created a profile but I guess it’s not the best one which I am telling you but I know you can make a better one. I receive many declines in my proposals but it won’t make me stop until I get a client. After receiving declines I search online on how to make my profile sellable to the freelance world. I even enroll in online free courses in Udemy, to improve my profile in Upwork. There is also a Facebook group where you can ask advice to people with the same interest. You can also check on Upwork page tutorials to improve your profile. When I finish revising my profile, I got the second client that offers me a virtual job to assist them in their daily activities.
  2. Don’t rely on just one freelancing platform. You can find several online freelancing platforms where you can find a possible client to start working remotely.  You can check in my previous blog about freelancing platforms to work from home.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to only one profession, try exploring online for a possible profession that could help you succeed. As I’ve mentioned,  online is very powerful when it comes to learning. Many professionals offer free tutorials which are very useful to enhance our knowledge and skills. I have listed different freelancing in-demand job to study and stand out in the stiff freelancer competition online.
  4. Always do your best in every task you have. Clients may come and go but if you perform excellently, the client might keep you for long-term engagement or even refer you to some of their friends. Maintain a good relationship with the client and if you have any concerns with the job don’t hesitate to contact and ask your client. Trust and confident from the client is our tool to earn a reasonable income in the present to the future.
  5. Continue mingling with people in the same interest. These people will help you keep on track. They will give you advice on everything that confused you or even ideas on how you will perform the task. There is a saying state that “experience is the best teacher”, so ask those experienced individuals, they’re the best help that you can get aside from Google.