How women can handle Cheating Heartbreaks?

There are so many questions I want to ask those women out there, on how they can handle their own life problems. There are so many kinds of problems in life. And there are problems that are really hard to fix. For me as a mom of 2 handsome children, Already had 2 partners in life. I really learned a lot from time to time on how to handle things in my own progress in life. But currently, right now I’m in the middle of my life. My mind is kinda messy about asking different questions that I can’t answer? How can I find those answers? Where? From whom?

I have so many questions about my life problems as a mom, especially right now in my situation that all I want is to have a happy, complete and smooth family to grow into for my children. It’s really hard to grow up without a complete family. This is based on my own experience growing up without a mother.  I have some questions and answers based on my opinion and experience in life.

How true “Woman Intuition”  is ?

How can mothers overcome cheating  by their husband?

How can they trust their husband after cheating?

How sure are they that there will be another new start of their life?

When do they quit?

How can they fix their feelings?

How can they heal themselves?

  1. How truewoman intuition is? 
  • Woman intuition is one of the what I called “superpower” of a woman. Why? Woman intuition is really helpful especially when you smell that there is something wrong with your partner, that is something going on in your partner’s life that you can’t think of. But sometimes woman intuition can’t be a good help with a woman who can’t handle depression spontaneously.. Intuition is the number 1 thing that you can be thankful for when you are in a relationship.
  1. How can mothers overcome cheating by their husband?
  • Based on my own experience, for me being a mother is the most bravest thing that God created. Why? Mothers can endure different kinds of pain (emotionally and physically). Especially when they are really fond of their partner and children. For me it is really hard to overcome cheating heartbreak. Women always say that “it’s ok, that’s fine” but deep inside it’s very painful, deep inside they are crying.. Women have children mostly to get courage from their children. Thanks to those angels from heaven given by God we can endure different kinds of pain in life. To those Women that don’t have a child/children. Don’t worry there is another chance to try and see for yourself that he is worth it.
  1. How can they trust their man after cheating?
  • It’s really hard to gain trust when it’s already broken. After you forgive your man that is the time when suspicion enters.For my own opinion, suspicion really pissed me off. It’s really hard to be in the position where you can’t really trust a person even if they said that they are going to change, to be faithful and loyal. Do what you think you know that can get back your trust for him. Do whatever it takes to prove that you can fully trust him again. Don’t be afraid of them when they get pissed of you. Because if they love you, and if they really want to gain your trust again , and willing to start anew. They will do whatever it takes to get back at it; they will become patient especially when you guys have children. Because that’s what true MAN is.
  1. How sure are they that there will be another chance for them?
  • Women are not always sure that there will still be another smooth chance with their man to start anew. You need to take risk of your forgiveness especially when your man is a real deal to you. For me I can forgive my partner every time when I still can. Some people took advantage of forgiveness but forgiveness does not always mean hope. Forgiveness always has limitations especially when the same things happen from time to time. That’s the time that you need to let go of your forgiveness. That means there is nothing wrong with your man anymore that means you are the problem. People cheat because they are not happy and content with what they have.
  1. When do women quit?
  • Women are the most soft hearted human beings. Women have different types of attitude and ego. Mostly, women that already experienced cheating heartbreak are strong. Some women can give their men second chances and some can’t. It really depends on yourself. It really depends on what you want to see in the future with your partner. Based on my own experience, I really want to see the future together with my current partner. I want to achieve my life goals with him.
  1. How can they fix their feelings? How can they heal themselves?
  • It’s really up to you how can you fix yourself or how can you overcome those heartbreaks. For me, Listening to music calms my mind. Listening to music helps my mind run away from thinking. I want to be thankful because music always helps me to handle different stress in my life, It helps me look to the bright side. It really made me come into my jolly vibe. I always listen to the R&B and POP genre. Of course you don’t want to be senti, it will make you feel more lonely.Let’s just admit that we have messy minds sometimes. We just want our mind to be calm, to be happy, but it’s really our fault because we keep thinking those things that made us hurt. If you really want a fresh start for yourself. If you already decided to leave the guy who cheated on you so many times, or If you already tired of giving second chances because of those things that keep coming or happening in your life. You really need a break! Come on people are intended to love but you should love yourself first. Especially If you can’t find love and care from those people that you’d wasted your time with. Try to cut everything off with them. Don’t keep toxic people in your life, It’s not worth it. You better live with your own life. Do what you think will keep you better. Do what you think is good for you and makes you happy. But please don’t do drugs!! [Just Kidding!]

PS: Don’t be fragile when it comes to men. They are really good at making promises that they can’t even make into reality, things that are really easy to say but hard to do for them. I just don’t understand men, that’s it! And it sucks!!