Ipads are Helpful for Kids

My babies are watching from their gadgets.

iPads are a great tool for education and communication. Since iPads have customizable options, which make them more attractive than traditional learning devices. In fact, many children can master the use of an iPad faster than adults. And my son is one of them (my youngest son). At a young age, he knew how to use his tab. He was just 2yrs old watching about numbers and letters. He knows the names of the dinosaurs that are difficult to pronounce. And he also learned to speak in English when he was only 1yr old. And now he is even better in English than me.

But not all the time he can watch it on his tablet, I’m giving him a limit, because the radiation of gadgets is also strong, he can watch it after he eats breakfast and he should be asleep by noon. That’s my policy for him so he can watch every day. And as a parent, we also have to watch our children for what they are watching, “I download youtube kids for him”. So he can’t watch what he shouldn’t watch.