Kids and Ipads: The Pros and Cons

My toddler has discovered my iPad, and now he loves playing with it. Should I feel guilty about letting him use it? Or are there benefits of iPads for toddlers? You have seen it everywhere.

The toddler is drawn to a shiny, colorful screen. It responds to his touch by lighting up, moving, and making noise. And no doubt you’ve figured out that your iPad can magically captivate. It occupies your tot during waits at the doctor’s office and long car rides.

Good for you for giving his fascination real thought, but you can lose the guilt on this issue: Though experts haven’t fully figured out the downsides and benefits of iPads for kids. You might not remember how you ever lived without it. There is no evidence that using an iPad will harm your toddler’s physical or cognitive development. It will not harm as long as you practice moderation.

The Pros

Not only is the iPad an engaging toy that’s small enough to fit into your bag. In some studies, indicate that it can have real educational benefits for young children. Research sponsored by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center shop found that certain apps may improve children’s vocabulary and math skills. There is also evidence that in children with cognitive delays iPad apps can boost language use and social interaction.

The Cons

While too much screen time is always a concern for parents. Since it has been linked to attention and conduct problems in children. In a 2013 study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that digital games (which are interactive and can foster creativity) seem to affect children differently than TV (which is not typically interactive). The researchers discovered that while excessive TV watching slightly increased a child’s risk for conduct problems., age-appropriate digital games did not.