Reasons Why We Recommend Being a Freelancer

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This pandemic has made people crippled with fear. That is why most people are now leaning towards working at home. Here are some of the reasons:
  1. Less Exposure

The WHO and local health government has warned us about everything on how to avoid catching the virus. Close contact with an infected person can increase the chance of getting it. Social distancing (about a meter away), wearing face masks and frequent hand washing are some of the recommended ways to let the virus at bay. It’s impossible to be distant from another when in a subway or in the office pantry getting your coffee, right? Surely, we’ll miss our office buddies but thanks to Zoom anyway.

2. More Time

All the preparations and transportation consume a lot of your day. Before you reach to get to your office, you had spent 2-3 hours already. Those precious part of your day can be well spent and managed with your family when you are on a work from home set-up. No need to put on make-up (not unless you’re scheduled on a virtual meeting), wake-up early to alot time for the morning rituals, or even dread to hit the road for the traffic you are about to dive into.

3. Protect Others

Aside from protecting ourselves and our families, we have the responsibility to do the same to others. Being at home decreases the chance of having crowded places. This pandemic will only be defeated through teamwork of all humanity. We all should be looking after one another. One virus-positive person increases everyone a chance of getting infected too. Let’s make sure everyone is receiving proper information and nutrition to fight this invisible enemy.