Santa Cruz Island: The Pink Sand Beach of Zamboanga City

Let’s bring some color to your holiday and include the  incredible natural Pink Sand Beach of Santa Cruz Island in your vacation plans. Wait, did I say Pink? Well… yes, pink! This exotic and unique pink sand beach of the Asia’s Latin City- Zamboanga City is an extraordinary natural formations made of sand,  the crushed red corals known as organ pipe corals (Tubipora musica) that blend well with the sand making it look like color pink specially on broad daylight. If you walk along the beach, there’s a good chance that you’ll see these corals that are washed ashore. If you haven’t visited yet this amazing natural wonder, maybe it’s time to include Pink Sand Beach of Santa Cruz Island on you bucket list!

Situated along Basilan Strait, the twin islands of Santa Cruz Island are located just off the coast of the bustling and highly-urbanized city of Zamboanga. The smaller one called Little Sta. Cruz is restricted to public for it is used as a military installation whereas the bigger island, called Sta. Cruz Grande, is accessible to public and the one known as the famous pink sand beach of Zamboanga.

A trip to the Great Santa Cruz Island is not just about feasting your senses on what nature has to offer; it also teaches us invaluable lessons on preservation and conservation. More importantly, the picturesque island also gives us a look into the colorful history and culture of our brother and sisters in the south.