Simply the best beach . . . BORACAY

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Boracay is a small tropical island but what it offers is completely opposite to its size. It has a stunning white powdery sand and clear blue water. It’s a perfect place to relax and for anyone who wanted a good beach therapy. No wonder people from all corners of the world come and visit. Apart from its stunning beach, the island offers a lot of things that you can definitely have an amazing experience. From luxurious hotel and resort amenities, food variety, water activities and a lively nightlife . Let me guide you on how you can enjoy your stay in Boracay.


Boracay is a stunning 4 kilometers white beach and is divided into 3 stations. Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. The station names goes back to when there used to be boat stations welcoming tourists arriving from the mainland. Each station has its own pace and flow in terms of establishments, crowd and nightlife happenings.

STATION 1 has the most finest white sands. This station houses the most luxurious and expensive beach hotels and resorts. The place is more tranquil than the other stations.

STATION 2 is the busiest part of the island. You will find all type of accommodations on this station. From Hostels to luxurious hotel and resorts. Being in middle part of the island, this is where most of the white beach action takes place. You’ll find D’mall one of the largest shopping area and tons of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

STATION 3 is more quieter and houses the inexpensive accommodations such as budget hostels and hotels. This part has less crowded area compared to Station 1 & 2.



You can’t visit Boracay without having seafoods! D talipapa has everything you possibly want.

The unique thing about it is how you buy and order your food…

Instead of just ordering in a restaurant like the usual, Simply buy from the wet market and have it cook to any restaurants nearby. The seafood restaurants inside D’ Talipapa are specialized in cooking seafood, so they have many different preparations available. From grilled to cooked in mango sauce, sweet and sour sauce and many more… If you love seafood D’ Talipapa is heaven!


You should try the famous thirst quenchers Jonas fresh fruit shake. The best sellers that you should try is the ripe mango shake, avocado shake and the banana choco peanut flavor.


The most popular nightclub in Boracay. It’s an open space night club with a big stage for the DJ. Epic offers an extensive menu of Western and Asian food. But mostly people come here to party!


If you want to experience a unique dining experience this restaurant is something you want to try on! Toilet Boracay is the Philippine version of famous toilet cafe in Taiwan. One of their best sellers are chicken pork a-poo-poo, shitsig, panshit, karekadiri and many more!



One of the most popular and unique activity in Boracay. Helmet diving allows you to walk underwater with a helmet on your head that will let you breathe underwater. This is ideal for beginner swimmer and those who doesn’t know how to scuba dive. You will ride on a speed boat to reach the dive spot. Once you get briefed about safety, you’ll get to put on the air pumped helmet. When you’re ready you can walk around underwater and enjoy the scenery of corals and fishes.


This is another enjoyable water activity even to kids. An experienced instructor will teach you how to sit, stand and lie on your back on a stand-up paddle board. You can paddle around the shoreline of the beach.


This is also a great activity especially if you come in a group. The banana-shaped inflatable ride is towed by a speed boat within the Boracay waters. You will experience an adrenaline rush as the ride gets faster and get drenched by the waves of the sea.


After so much fun activities exploring Boracay Island. It’s best to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the spa in the Island. There’s a lot of spa and body treatments that you can choose from. Just walk around the Island and you will see a lot of wellness and health spa.


The most popular and inexpensive activity is sunset watching in Boracay. The lovely colors that the sunset bring is truly amazing. It’s like a painting done right in front of you. The beautiful golden hour is a must see in Boracay.

I hope I was able to share a lot of information about Boracay island.

So what are you waiting for ? ? ?

Start planning your perfect escapade to Boracay and go have the best time of your life!