The Life of an Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia


Friday Day Off Bonding in Aseer Mall Abha Saudi Arabia with my dentist colleagues

Most of the underpriveleged Filipinos and the single mothers like me resort to working in the Middle East especially the country Saudi Arabia the land of opportunity for us OFW. All my life I have been here for almost 20 years working as an OFW dentist. It was my bread and butter to send my 2 children to college and secure their bright future.

I must say it’s a big challenging task and ordeal and everyday faced with different dental cases and different attitudes of patients. My daily encounters are  from children, adults and old patients. I enjoy every bit of it since its my craft and profession but as the saying goes you cannot please everybody. The will power and my determination gave me a big push to be able to survive the trials and test of endurance. Many hardships i suffered but at the end of the day it’s a worthwhile experience.Why because you see the fruits of your labor from  your children all graduates and have a job of their own.I can say I didn’t have regrets because all my sacrifices paid off.

The key to  avoid being tired already as an OFW and overcoming failure. I have sum up 4 goals that you have to set up in life:

H1. Remember why you started-meaning why you want to step outside your comfort zone.The reason for this is you want to prove somethingout of yourself,have financial  freedom,and make your life exciting.You have to get back the fire and prove the whole world they are wrong.

H2. Brace Yourself- meaning making yourself tough , tighten the muscles and anticipate that if someone hits you it would do you less of a damage.It has to be ingrained from your mind that it will never be an easy task and if you think of that from the start everything would follow.

H3. You should have the long game mentality-meaning in the first two years you would not have an empire because we all have to start from scratch.Never expect if you plant a seed today tomorrow it bears fruit already. Have a proper expectation hence there will be less frustration and you know within yourself don’t get easily tired.Always aim for a marathon never a sprint.Being an OFW is a marathon race to be able to build success.

H4.Love the journey not the end game- meaning enjoy all the hardship for in the end what you reap is what you sow.Never quit on the first few years.

This is the real life of an OFW my first hand experience which i want to impart to my fellow Filipinos.I do hope it will serve as an inspiration for those aspiring to come here in the Middle East .Try the life of an OFW and make it an experience to fulfill your dreams.