Unexpected Journey

My friends and I were talking about what would be our plan for the coming Eid Holidays (a Muslim Festival celebrated yearly in Muslim countries). My friend suggested let’s try to travel since we’ve always talked about exploring different places. I immediately did an internet search and I found an affordable price that fit our budget. Everyone’s excited already.

It was December 2017, our first travel together. I hopped the plane with my friends, spent our holiday in Tbilisi Georgia. Ready to go on our adventure, discover new things, and explore the city as much as we could.

I can say that this is a place that is something that you will not regret visiting. I fell in love with the easy-going culture. People are extremely nice. They are welcoming, friendly and with a good cultural level. Georgians are very hospitable people.

Most of the days we went out and visited the best places in Tbilisi and the different monasteries outside the city. I was fascinated when I saw the Caucasian Mountains. If you’re a nature lover, Georgia’s nature will keep you speechless. The views are very stunning.

What I’ve realized is that traveling is aside from being fun, it develops skills I didn’t know I had. Traveling made me a happier person by building self-confidence, gaining new experiences and memories, breaking routine, and allowing myself to meet people from all over the world. It also created the greatest stories, my most cherished memories, countless irreplaceable learning that I can share and it broadens our horizons.

Never stop exploring the world. Every turns makes a new memory.