Urban Gardening: Greener life in Quarantine

Food security is one of the problem faced by Filipinos under the grassroots level- they are the ones who primarily affected by the pandemic today.

Social media platforms were the comfort zones of everyone in this time. Online jobs and any other income generating website or apps went out and are being followed by everyone since a lot of Million Filipinos lost their job.

Urban gardening is the answer to food scarcity that can also break down rising prices market of vegetables and the first aid in hunger problem.

Since Most of us have limited areas or space in our homes, the Agriculture Department encourages this way of farming since it is simple and done through small areas. Discarded sacks, disposable plastic bottles, cans, tires and any other scrap material planted with vegetables has a higher rate of successful gardening. Vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, bell pepper, lady’s finger, onions, lettuce and even squash are the basic and common vegetables for urban gardening. These vegetables are fast growing and don’t require intensive care.

Urban Gardening using Plastic bottles

Gardening have significant health benefits to everyone. For newbies, it encourages people to engage in activities that promote wellness. The advantages of having a garden are you know where the food you eat came from, you have less exposure to pesticides if you do organic farming and you can get more nutrient content from it. Reduces mental stress and improve mental health.



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