Why Is Freelancing The Best Option For Stay-At-Home Moms or Dads?

Being a stay at home mom or dad is not an easy job. Aside from the fact that household chores, tutoring, and taking care of the kids are overwhelming and exhausting, having no income is one of their main struggles.

In Filipino culture, moms are those who stay at home while the father is obliged to provide for his family’s needs. Later on, men and women were given the rights and opportunities to work especially when the father’s income as the head of the family was not enough to provide for his family’s needs.

Nowadays, more women are working while there are some fathers who chose to stay at home instead to take care of the kids, attend school meetings, the other home duties, and appointments depending on the couple’s arrangement.

Work Life Balance

Freelancing is the best options for stay at home mom and dad because primarily, it gives an opportunity to earn without compromising the family’s welfare. They can take care of their kids at home and do their duties as a parent and partner.

You Choose Your Workload

As a freelancer, you get to choose how much or how little you work. If you can’t take on as much this month then you can simply turn down projects. But if you’re eyeing that new purse that comes out next month, you also have the option to work as much as you want.

Financial Freedom

Moms and dads gain financial freedom. Instead of relying on the breadwinner’s income, they’ll be able to help for providing the families financial needs and gain their moral by doing so. It also improves the quality of life and the family’s relationship. You’ll manage to maintain a healthy balance of work and mom life.