Why we love to eat Siomai?

I myself is really like to eat siomai because it taste good and yummy. Aside from that is not that so expensive unlike other foods. Its either for some they eat this with rice as there viad and others just siomai purely. I don’t have a choice of a flavor beef or pork and other flavors or how it’s been cook steam or fried and others kinds to cook it, as long as it’s cook and have a hot sauce on it. One of the restaurant which is chowking I usually I ordered siomai. I tried also on the street siomai. Siomai house and other store that I forgot their name.

It’s really simple and easy to cook as long as you have steamer you just have to heat it for few minutes and it heats up and cook, or either you have to fried it with oil.I am not a chief but the is the one I know how to cook it. And I do mukbang and eat as much as I want for siomai.